Sunday, August 9, 2009

Penticton Vacation and ULTRAMAN

What a great start to our ''training vacation". We watched the finish line of ULTRAMAN to inspire us. Wow! 10 km swim, 400+ km bike then 84 km run!! in Penticton heat and smoke!!

AMBER MONFORTE- Wins the womens, breaking the record by 3 1/2 hours!! What an amazing woman!! No only was she an amazing athlete who worked full time... but apparently she finished each stage with a tequila shooter... now thats my kinda girl! For more info:

This was one of the first four guys... 3 of them from italy. There was a big whooplah. I was impressed with the size of the guy. Is it a common misconception that you have to be small to be fast?? inspration for my 6 ft 3"" husband.

And on to the actual HOLIDAY! :
GOAL: Endurance training, 75 miles running ( or similar xt);Learn to enjoy more biking.
ACHIEVED: two ten mile runs ; two 40 mile 5 1/2 hr bike rides in 4 days. ??bottles of wine consumed. tee hee.
LOVED 10 mile runs penticton to OK falls. Stopped once at a good ol' diner at OK falls. Jim ate some huge farmers scramble with eggs/bacon/cheeze/potatoes etc.... then ran back. I don't think he will have stomach problems for our 50 K!

We did a bike ride thru Naramata to ''wine taste''. It was so beautiful we never stopped to do the tasting. Biked 40 miles. The most I have ever biked in my life - I quite enjoyed this!.
Biking thru Naramata Vinyards :

Kettle Valley 40 mile bike ride: 20 miles uphill, in the sand, against the wind, for 3 1/2 hrs. I did not find this enjoyable... but it was a good workout. Tired after the 5 1/2 hrs of biking.
Beautiful tunnels at the beginning... but it just went uphill from there. No wonder everyone was going in the opposite direction to us.

The map:

Back and forth, up and up...

lie down at the end at Chute lk:

To make it that much more enjoyable, Jim got a massive flat tire at 18 mi out . He rode 6 mi in then some old rock picker picked us up. Thank god. I know we could have ran back.

I want to GARBAGE his old hard tail bike. I think its 20 yrs old from deep cove bike shop! Give it up Jim!

We started to get into biking. No pounding on the joints but still a great workout! love it- but need better equipment.

Dirt to Dining: Total Vancouverite
Finish sweaty, dirty bike ride...cleaned up in the lake at Naramata... then off to Penticton Casino for some classy dining. A perfect day!

Back home:
Great stop at Manning Park just before East entrance. I could spend a week here! I hoped to do part of the frosty 50k run but Jims foot (plantar fasciitis) was too sore. ..And back to Van we go.
Great trip, great work at cross training- liking the bike thing! Highly recommend BANBURY green for camping . Its betw penticton and ok falls. Access to the KVR. Bit more $, but most sites on skaha lk with your own private beach. LOVELY!!