Sunday, January 23, 2011

My XTRANORMAL interview with Larry King

My Husband made this video - poking fun at ME AND MY FRIENDS  with our ultra-running. Then he sent it to my friends. Lovely, my cartoon character is pretty cocky, so now I'm afraid for Sundays Run! lol !

The link for a laugh:


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Day FAT ASS 50 K

So Exactly how much can I Drink on New Years Eve, and still manage to run 50 km's the next day?  That was the question !  I started off 2011 with a bunch of firsts; 

The FIRST time I DROVE DOWNTOWN Vancouver ( slight fear of driving)
The FIRST time I was relatively SOBER on New Years eve in years!

At the Start:
A beautiful, crisp, cool, clear day it was.  The fatassers casually hung around the starting 'line' ... which is a fire hydrant of all things.  We listen to pre-race instructions, take the club picture, and off we go...many of us enjoying passing Gary Robbins who was  running (on crutches)- a first and last time that will ever happen.

Stanley Park:
I read the map and instructions, which would have worked if I was WALKING it, but at the pace we were going, I just kept up with the group I was in (which was going faster than I planned).  One trail  was just above the seawall, had beautiful views and no people.  We ran thru paths that I never knew existed-beautiful ! I held onto the 8:00-8:30 min/mile as long as I could to stay with the group. Once we got spat out onto the beach, I slowed down into a more comfortable pace and took in the amazing scenery. A lovely run along the seawall then up and over the Burrard St Bridge.

Kits/Spanish Banks:
This is where I met Ray Levasseur, who kept me company and guidance from here  and all the way through Pacific Spirit Park. I had a lovely visit with him and was sad to leave his side in the second half of the run,

Pacific Spirit Park:
 Wide, runable trails, oldgrowth Cedars, and a myriad of interconnecting trails.  At the 25 km turnaround, I felt great so I kicked it up a bit and picked up a new running partner 'Mark'. As two newbies, Mark and I took a few wrong turns, and I was really missing my former guide Ray.

Going through Point Grey, I did ask a little old lady if I was on the right course to the Burrard St bridge and she said "yes dear, but its a long ways away"... if she only knew how far I had already gone... and still had to go!

Back to the Finish:
Once finding my way back to Spanish Banks, I retraced my steps back. 
Going through the POLAR BEAR SWIM event was a definate mistake. I was slowed to a shuffling walk to get past the crowds.  About 25 miles in my left ITB was starting to scream at me, the lateral knee pain was annoying, but bearable. I was worried I took the wrong side of Lost lagoon lake, until someone yelled at me " Go Fat Ass !!" I must have been on track.

Heading to the finish... 4:57.... 4:58.... I can do it, I can get in under 5 hrs ! then RRrrrrring ! wtf? my phone?
My transcendental running state was interrupted by reality.

I answer,  "Hello?"
My daughter replies " Hi Mom, Can you pick me up at Sandy's"
I answer "Um,,, I'm kinda busy right now, can I get back to you"

 4:59:58 I finish!
And pleased with the fact that my Last 10 miles were faster than my first 10.
Things I learned: 
* Don't try to squeak the last few miles out of a dying pair of trail runners on a 50 km
 - especially on a flat course like this. My feet are mad at me today.
*Avoid the 'Polar Bear Swim'- should take a few minutes off the run next time 
*Although a few celebrational glasses of wine felt great at the time- it is not a good 'recovery' drink.