Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whistler team 50 mile Relay Run

Flashback: 2011
I tried to get a team together, it fell apart, so I ran the whole damn 50 miles myself. Great personal experience, but I was too tired at the end to go to the party!

2012 rolls around
 I meet MORE great runners and  the "Buntzen Burners"  team came together.  A mish mash of ultrarunners and hill climbers- this speed event would surely challenge!
Now the afterparty... THAT was an endurance event!

Race Morning:
Wake up to SNOW !! ! I'm soo excited! first snowfall of the season. Then my husband calms me down "its only 5am" he says... " but first runner is at 8 !" I say.. soo excited! 

First Runner: 8am -  looking for team timing chip, line up... and CLAYTON  is  off to run on the frozen ground and ice for 13 km !  Trooper!
... He is a blurr in this picture cuz he is running so fast !

Second leg: Our saviour, JILL  stepped up for the team to replace a member and  rock her 7 km section in the freezing cold- so hard on the lungs !

Third leg: Jills husband WARREN  takes her running chip in exchange for their children. ( Who Were our excellent team cheer leaders!) . He ripped up his  13 km section too.  Amazing for a guy who only trains up the Grouse grind! He was just to fast to get a pic!
Fourth Leg: MY husband JIM takes off. for his 7 km run as it started to snow . 
Fifth Leg: He hands off to ROB who also rocked it with a great time on his 13  km run.  We  planned on exchanging his timing chip for my hotel room key  so he could shower after. I changed plans last minute- not too wise mid race. Fun confusion as he handed me the chip and waited for the room key, but I took off! (he got the room key in the end, and thankfully showered)

Sixth Leg: MY 7 km run - so happy nothing cramped uphill- that was all I wanted.

Seventh Leg: I handed off to a smiling MARC who  ripped up a great time of 13 kms  in the SUN  to hand off to his wife at the end.

Eighth leg: JANET-  she kicked butt   to anchor the team to a great finish!

So, just expecting to show up, do my run, go home, done. It was a great suprise to be  LOVING IT ! looking forward to  meeting friends at exchanges, cheering them on, more fun than I imagined!

So  much fun hanging out, recapping the days events .  So many modestly putting themselves down, excuses for their  lack of  performance,  and WHAT !
In the end our 6:28 time set us as 2nd 'open' group... hey , thats against young'uns, 20 yr olds... and were all over 40! Might have to do the 'mixed masters' group next year.
... and then there was a party and dance aftewvards, lets just say, what happened in whistler, stays in wistler ! I certainly made up for the lack of partying the year before.  Double time.
At the end of the day, though we have ran together for hours on the trails, this was a different sort of team bonding experience.  Supportive of everyones individual  performance, and greatful for our volunteer's time. Definately 'feeling the love" by the end.

I reccomend this event for all types of runners, serious and recreational. All levels Where present, and everyone enjoyed! It had more of a team accomplishment atmosphere, than a  Who Wins atmosphere.
Heather V