Saturday, September 6, 2014


 3 weeks post race, I still look back at FATDOG  with fondness and joy in my heart. I love to record my memories before they're forgotten... and as the races get longer ( and I get older) , it gets harder to remember!

My husband wanted to  FINISH a 50 mile run the year he turned 50 and we accomplished this goal together spending a day in paradise! With over 10,000 feet elevation gain (climbing 7000 ft in the final 20 miles), Jim picked a tough one.

LEARNING from our DNF 
Looking back to our Bryce 50 mile attempt (and my first dnf) , I now realize one of the  MOST important things we got out of that DNF was that we TRAINED HARDER  for  fatdog- we had a new respect for the distance-and an increased focus on high mileage weeks and  powehiking hills.

We start at  Cayuse.  I insist on setting the pace for my husband the first 2-3  hours, pulling him back  as he often succumbs to his starting adrenaline rush. I know it killed him to start so slow, watching others pass.    There was a pretty undulating  dewdney trail above the highway. We already ran into some 120 milers and were already in awe of them!


We get to  Cascades aid station where they handed us some safety vests for a short road section.
 But first, an out n' back, where we had to tear a page from the RD's "juicy novel"  (to prove we did the full distance). I actually read the page- it was juicy!  Then finally onto the road . It was actually kinda neat to see all the hubcaps and old wrecks  off  the treacherous corners of the highway.

This is Jim doing his "FORREST GUMP" impersonation. ------>>>>>>

TO SUMALLO 16 km  and SHAWATUM 33 km

Into sumallo grove we went,. Jim downed some pizza, and headed over the bridge onto beautiful skagit trail running along the river.   We found our happy pace and were essentially running ALONE already! 

 This beautiful trail took us to centennial trail. A long flat trail that seemed to go on forever. Several runners were questioning if we passed the next aid or not , even smelled the food! Mmmm. Grilled cheese, must be there soon! Well, it turned out to be a waft of food that worked its way 30 min down the trail. Such a tease!  Finally, we hit Shawatum aid station  and I ordered up one of those cheese tortillas ! After the out 'n back from that aid station, we hit the trail again.


 The heat was bearing down and Jim's big engine was overheating, so he slowed to a powerhike- which was the right thing to do except the mosquitos were relentless at this point . Seemed like I got bit every 5 seconds!  (and thats with bug spray!) Next time I will wear a bugnet cuz they really wore me down. I was
 F-bombing so much , my husband started to question who I was! We  hit skyline aid station seemingly quickly.
.....and an ANGEL  arrived before us;
"Anyone want a fruit smoothie?"  - hell yeah!
We spent some time here, changed our socks and stuffed our vests with food in  preparation for  what would be a grueling long  uphill powerhike with NO  more major aid stations for the next 6-7 hours.


Like a tank, Jim pulled me up the skyline switchbacks. This was definately his strong section.

The views were starting to arise and we were really getting into the beauty of it all !

Just my luck, I get a hole in my favorite pair of socks at the heel. obviously, since they were my favs, I wore them too much. I stopped at camp mowitch  to apply some moleskin. Jim wanted to enjoy the peacefullness on the mountaintop so he asked if we could let a couple of girls pass us so he diddnt have to listen to their chit chat (as us girls do) or their bear calls. I gladly conceded and the rest of the run was almost romantic!

Leaving camp Mowich- cool 'basin'  ------------------>>>


Off to my favorite section- Skyline II & I  . Epic 360 degree views!

 Roller coaster up n' downs , we just kept powerhiking the hills as they popped up before us. We watched  the sun slowly set on the mountains as we ran.

As darkness fell on skyline I , we could see the sun still setting mountain ranges away! .

 I asked Jim to KISS me, but we forgot we had headlamps on and temporarily blinded each other. Once the spots were gone from our eyes, we continued on until the descent down skyline. (K, this is a photo of someone else, but it was exactly like this! )

FINISH ! 80 km 
Bombing down skyline in the dark was fun. Thank god for Jims  superpowered headlamp ! after a few hours in the dark, we were shot out into glowstick heaven. Looked like a carnival! . A little run around the lake and over the finish line in 13:20.
WE DID IT !!! 

1. Changing socks is wonderful ! 
2. Your 'good old socks' are just that- OLD- get a new pair of your fav's before a race. 
3. Listen to the Race Director. If she says 'put more bug spray on at the aid station' -do it ! If she says " carry an extra handheld" do it ! I was happy I did ! 
4. Training and racing together is challenging for a relationship, but it builds stronger bonds in the end. 
5. Beer tastes really good after 50 miles. 

Friday, June 20, 2014


I had my FIRST DNF last weekend  at Bryce 50 mile and am rather STOKED about it !
I am not encouraging people to DNF- a  point of ultrarunning is certainly  to push yourself to your limits.
I am encouraging those who DNF to EMBRACE  it for what it is ! Do NOT HATE yourself (as I saw so many runners do) - such a waste, when you pay for the race/travel etc !

Here's the story; 
28 miles in, my husband got ill at the high altitude and could not eat/drink without throwing up. He spent 2 hours trying to regroup, but just could not. The hardware in my old tibia fracture was giving me greif, and I thought it wise to pull out with him too. That aid station was more like a MASH unit with many people sick/bleeding noses/ etc at the altitude.  So anyways, we ended up spending time with others  at the remote aid station, waiting for a ride.... and this is when it occurred to me.... there are actually some....


1. You get to hang out at the aid station and graze,  get into the vibe and people in the same situation.
2. You get to reminisce on the beautiful parts of the run. 

2. You get to STOP and take in the views at that aid station (views at 27 mile- Nice! ). Too bad Jim diddn't see this, as he was busy being nauseated.
3. You get to be a SPECTATOR and watch others come in, cheer them on- or help them if they fall over!
     ... It was great to cheer people on! but I held back trying not to be too 'perky' for those who were ill.

4. You get to MEET people who are also DNF ing and hear their stories ! It felt like a 'support group' .
     ... one guy, who reported to have done several 100 km/100 milers made us feel better by saying ;
          "pfft, I DNF all the time ! " I guess he just picks and choses to finish when he feels good- nothing wrong with that !

5. You get a COOL 4X4 backroad  ride home from your remote aid station, with some crazy driver.
     .... Seriously,  the next day my NECK was more sore from hitting the roof of the car than my legs were!

6. You  have ENERGY  the next day to GIVE BACK to the race !  We went to the finish line and drove 100 milers back to their hotels. They GREATLY appreciated it, and it made us feel much better!  I frown on people who DNF and just go home to pout- what a selfish  waste !

and my FAVORITE !!! .... 

7. You get to RECOVER  faster, meaning you might even be able to hit a cool run/hike in the area, over the  next couple of days! an And we CERTAINLY did ! Bryce canyon ROCKED ! ... literally.

So Don't hate yourself, LEARN from the experience, make the MOST of it... besides,  there is always ANOTHER RACE ! 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mesquite Canyon 50 km.


This was a run of many FIRSTS: 
1.We actually booked the holiday BEFORE  I found the run (as opposed to booking a holiday around a run)
2. My husband and I ran together as a TEAM (and not competing against each other) 
3. First HOT run for me in the desert - ever. 
4. First time I threw the 'competitiveness' out the window and planned to just FINISH ! = stress free fun!

So, I summarized the run into this short video. Unfortunately, I could not video some of the more  CRAZYFUN TECHNICAL parts cuz, well, I was busy trying to not kill myself. Ha ha ! 


Stats for the run: for my future reference: 
Calories- about 1000. Larabar, chips, honeywaffle, carbopro
Salt Tabs- about 7 
Water- 7 liters ! yikes! and only pee'd once ! das hot! 
Time- 7 hours 
Funny: Hubby asked me to "let him win - by a second", I did. But apparently we got our bibs switched and I ended up beating him by a second! ha ha ! 
Post run- felt great, no headache/nausea, still married . Good recovery. 

Place:  Me:  1/5 age- ha! only 5 crazy ladies like me! , 12/21 Females, 43/79 OA  
           Jim:  13/23 Age, 32/58 M, 44/79 OA