Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mesquite Canyon 50 km.


This was a run of many FIRSTS: 
1.We actually booked the holiday BEFORE  I found the run (as opposed to booking a holiday around a run)
2. My husband and I ran together as a TEAM (and not competing against each other) 
3. First HOT run for me in the desert - ever. 
4. First time I threw the 'competitiveness' out the window and planned to just FINISH ! = stress free fun!

So, I summarized the run into this short video. Unfortunately, I could not video some of the more  CRAZYFUN TECHNICAL parts cuz, well, I was busy trying to not kill myself. Ha ha ! 


Stats for the run: for my future reference: 
Calories- about 1000. Larabar, chips, honeywaffle, carbopro
Salt Tabs- about 7 
Water- 7 liters ! yikes! and only pee'd once ! das hot! 
Time- 7 hours 
Funny: Hubby asked me to "let him win - by a second", I did. But apparently we got our bibs switched and I ended up beating him by a second! ha ha ! 
Post run- felt great, no headache/nausea, still married . Good recovery. 

Place:  Me:  1/5 age- ha! only 5 crazy ladies like me! , 12/21 Females, 43/79 OA  
           Jim:  13/23 Age, 32/58 M, 44/79 OA 

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