Thursday, April 15, 2010

post 50k ramblings

Wow, there is so much going INTO a 50 Km run.... what about the AFTER? I learned so much, I thought I would jot it down.

First, There is no way I could eat the hot dog/smokie/ whatever lovely food they were cooking after.
         Learned:  I should bring my own post recovery drink/ or whatever.  Especially if I plan to wait 2 hrs for my colleagues to race in.  Little light headed after that one.

Second, After a painfree 7 mile run 3 days post race, my recovery tactics worked. Good ol' RICE.
        Rest- once I mellowed out and got home. Good time to write on the blog.
        Ice- Stood in cold lake. Felt great!
        Compression- Slapped on compression socks
        Elevation-On my back, legs up on the wall (or bed headboard). New tactic, Is apparently a Yoga pose- but studies show EACH of the components of RICE work equally well in reducing swelling/ inflammation- so why not do them all! Plus some credit goes to 'Recover Tabs' from Epic products. My recovery is astonishing lately, and this is the only thing I added to my usual routine.

Third, I was totally hyper after crossing the finish line. I apologise to anyone who had to listen to my ramblings.  
        Learned; I love my running  friends who understand me

Fourth, my husband DNF'd (for many a good reason- poor hydration and foot Bone contusion query sesamoid fracture going in- One look at those powerline rocks and he went home).
            I was racing the clock and the course, he was apparently racing me!  oh oh, recipe for disaster. At one point on a descent, he was cutting me off, not letting me pass! He hates it when I beat him. I was hoping I wouldn't have to pass him. Oh well.
          There are enough dynamics in a relationship/marriage, you do not need to add racing  AGAINST each other!   Some tense moments the day after.  I celebrated my 'win' quietly to myself.  We got over it . We love each other and there is just more to life. 
        Learned; My husband and I are both too competitive. We shouldn't compete against each other....but I'm thinking we would be great as a team!

And those are my afterthoughts.  I guess after a bit of recovery, its time to start looking forward again...keep moving forward.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Diez Vista 50K on a Beautiful Day

GR gps

5-7 years ago I stood at the DV finish line and watched with awe  a 'ripped'  Suzanne Evans cross it in record time. People do this?? 50 Km trail runs?? I was inspired.  Today I got to meet Suzanne Evans and thank her for her inspiration- I am here today because of her.

2 years ago, still a fan of DV, but scared to run it.  I came across the male record holder's blog; Gary Robbins. I have learned so much from his blog to help me be a better trail runner. Plus, many a time his inspiring runs got my a$$ off the couch. Today, I got to meet Gary, his gf Tamsin, and of course the Famous dog Roxy.  Oh, by the way,  I think he broke the record again.. on what he calls his 'training run' !

Last year I met up with some great running friends to train with. This year many of them were there to
cheer me on! What great friends! And isn't that what its all about- Fun and Friends!

RACE REPORT- I see it as 3 parts;
Run around Sasamat, nice warmup as I listen to some guy tell me how he went out too hard last year and blew up at the end. Freaked me out so I took it easy up first climb. Walk/ran Diez Vista. I finally caught up with Jim 1 1/2 hrs in.  We cruised down diez together, and around Buntzen.

First first 3 hrs of the run I felt woosy and unsure about my future performance.  It was nice to run with Jim.  He was having issues with a bone contusion on his foot. He toughed it out for 4 hrs but the Rocky powerline did him in...he just limped home from there.  Good decision, its not worth losing the entire summer of running and having pain at work just for a race at the start of the season.

Long, rocky, hilly out and back. Today it was sunny, so I want thru the water faster than usual.  Thanks for the great aid station at the end!  The metal plate in my tibia complained a bit on this rocky secion.  I only fell once, dropped my potato chips and actually picked them up off the ground to eat them cuz I was so hungry! 10 second rule!

3.Little Diez and home
4-5 hours into a run, I don't know what happens to me, but I become very 'clear'.  My legs fell limber and I get a 'new gear' .  All woozieness goes away and I actually feel 'hyper'...and really start to enjoy myself! I sprinted down powerhouse road, powerwalked up little diez and ran as fast as my legs could carry me back to Sasamat Lake.
The Finish Line !!!
I was aiming for under 6 hrs, but that passed, so I repeat to myself "6:02 will do"..that passed, um "6:03 it will be"...nope, "6:04 thats even more" grrr.... finally  "6:05, I'm still alive!!"

Finish line, friends, a great soak in the lake, a contortioned change in the outhouse and back to watch the awards.  It was a pleasant suprise to see I finished 6th overall F , and first in my age group!! ...but really, how many 40 + yr old women do this sort of thing. Tee hee .  Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Great day. Glad to come home to see that Jim is kinda OK with his DNF.   I was worried he would quit with frustration. We had a good talk about finding your 'niche'.  He kicks my butt  for the first 3.5 hrs  then I do his 4-6 hrs.  He may change to shorter races or even triathalons. Jim isn't a quitter.  Besides, its just all about being 'fit and healthy' isn't it!

We shall see what the future brings...

(Oh, gotta record my STATS  for my future reference: )
Calories: Breakfast Bagel-300 Carbopro- 200, GelsX5-500, Chips-100  =11-1200 Cals. Most Ever!
Water=3 liters + some coke
Falls= 1
Shoes= Montrail Streaks- fell apart in the race... but I was pushing past the 300 mile mark on them. Tried to hold em together with epoxy - diddn't work.  I still love them. Maybe time to try another pair.
Place= 6 overall, 1st age.
By the way, Suzanne Evans, my first inspiration, finished, like, an hour ahead of me !! Totally different level!