Thursday, April 15, 2010

post 50k ramblings

Wow, there is so much going INTO a 50 Km run.... what about the AFTER? I learned so much, I thought I would jot it down.

First, There is no way I could eat the hot dog/smokie/ whatever lovely food they were cooking after.
         Learned:  I should bring my own post recovery drink/ or whatever.  Especially if I plan to wait 2 hrs for my colleagues to race in.  Little light headed after that one.

Second, After a painfree 7 mile run 3 days post race, my recovery tactics worked. Good ol' RICE.
        Rest- once I mellowed out and got home. Good time to write on the blog.
        Ice- Stood in cold lake. Felt great!
        Compression- Slapped on compression socks
        Elevation-On my back, legs up on the wall (or bed headboard). New tactic, Is apparently a Yoga pose- but studies show EACH of the components of RICE work equally well in reducing swelling/ inflammation- so why not do them all! Plus some credit goes to 'Recover Tabs' from Epic products. My recovery is astonishing lately, and this is the only thing I added to my usual routine.

Third, I was totally hyper after crossing the finish line. I apologise to anyone who had to listen to my ramblings.  
        Learned; I love my running  friends who understand me

Fourth, my husband DNF'd (for many a good reason- poor hydration and foot Bone contusion query sesamoid fracture going in- One look at those powerline rocks and he went home).
            I was racing the clock and the course, he was apparently racing me!  oh oh, recipe for disaster. At one point on a descent, he was cutting me off, not letting me pass! He hates it when I beat him. I was hoping I wouldn't have to pass him. Oh well.
          There are enough dynamics in a relationship/marriage, you do not need to add racing  AGAINST each other!   Some tense moments the day after.  I celebrated my 'win' quietly to myself.  We got over it . We love each other and there is just more to life. 
        Learned; My husband and I are both too competitive. We shouldn't compete against each other....but I'm thinking we would be great as a team!

And those are my afterthoughts.  I guess after a bit of recovery, its time to start looking forward again...keep moving forward.


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S said...

you would be great as a team but you still beat him LOL

Great job Heather! You are amazing!