Sunday, September 26, 2010

Since when did I think a trail 1/2 marathon was a SPRINT? Since yesterday.

Years ago I did 5 peaks trail races- the "Enduro's" (10-17 kms) . I used to think they were long.  After  my first race I had to go have a nap, and was stiff for a week! Years later, I'm doing 50 kms, training longer (and running slower I might add)  

I was granted a freebie entry into this weekends 5 peaks 1/2 marathon trail run (payback for Volunteering).
I knew I could do the distance. That is all I knew.  Sadly, due to the trail conditions we did not get to do the fun technical Diez Vista trail... oh well, its going to be a fast one then! And FUN it was!!  And it was a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day!!!

Like GREYHOUNDS out of the starting block, all the 1/2 marathoners took off at what seemed like blasting speed.  I looked at my Garmin- 6:45-7 min miles- yikes, I can't run that fast... but I kinda had to.

They were greyhounds, I felt more like a little WEINER DOG pumping my legs as fast as they would go to keep up.  I was actually thankful for the hills- a place where I could catch up! But catching up was difficult with this fast group. I ended up running alone most of the race.

" Well, I guess this will just be a good speed training run" I tell myself.  I had to give my head a shake, speed training?  diddn't I used to think of a half as an endurance event? How things have changed ! I finished the first loop of lakeview/buntzen lake in about 1hr 30 mins- then some guy waves me in the direction of my second loop up and around some trails- " Oh Goody" I tell him.  As usual, once I'm warmed up, I really start to enjoy the race. I do the rest with a smile on my face.

Thanks to all the endurance training, I was at least able to keep a solid hard pace the whole run and finished with gas in the tank and enough energy to dance all night at a wedding.   

 It was good to revisit old experiences to see where I've improved (and need improvement) .
The BEST part was when Jim suprised me and met me at the finish line!  It totally made my day!!

Note to self:
 Hard run - feel GREAT  after.
Night of partying, dancing in stilletto's- NOT  so great after .
Will I ever learn? probably not. Its all in good fun!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Jims Toughest Test Ever

Roads to run, Trails to Traverse, and Peaks to Persue.... All great tests of our endurance and strength. 

Last week my husband was given one of the toughest tests ever...
He damn near died with BLOOD CLOTS in BOTH LUNGS !!  Yup, bilateral pulmonary embolisms!! Freaky hey!
He had calf pain for months, then it mysteriously went away.... only cuz the blood clots moved up to his lungs!

He couldn't breathe, had massive chest and rib pain, but had to hold on... and hold on he did!!  Several sleepless, painful nights he endured .  Thanks to his great fitness level going in he had enough reserve lung capacity to keep alive. And now he is back walking on the trails.

This is not an endurance event I recommend for anyone, but it certainly supports WHY WE RUN.  I truly believe that had he been sedentary he would not have had the physical and mental strength to make it through this.

Yet another reason to get off the couch.  And if that isn't enough, have a look at this video:

Just keep moving forward....