Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swan Falls Loop Revisited with Video

Amazing hike/run  on a sunny day. 
I even took some videos to enjoy when I'm 80 yrs old and can't do this.
Looking down on Vancouver from Mt Beautiful

Lindsay Lake
Ropes up rock

Here is the VIDEO:
Listening to myself, I realize I am truly a NUT !! I guess thats why I love trail running.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Hangover Run Poem:

I read a great athletic poem by Tom Craik on Stormy ... and that put me in a 'poetic mood'.  So I created this poem on my run today- though it certainly doesn't relay any uber athleticism.  Enjoy!

The Hangover Run

Drank in moderation, or so I thought                                                          
Woke up this morning-apparently NOT

Morning meal diddn’t sit right,
Run or not, with myself I fight.

Get that Sunday long run in!
Today I pay for last nights sin.

Head is knocking, stomach queasy,
This run is not going to be easy!

Outside I go into fresh air,                                                   
Dew on the ground, wind in my hair.

With every step, I feel more clear
As I run off last nights beer!

Heading home I sprint ahead
Knowing that is where I’ll find my bed.

Second wind, now I’m cruising
Hot damn, I do love running!

3 hrs down, I’m feeling spent,
I did it, I did it! So glad I went!

(or, an alternative ending for those hardcore partiers out there)
3 hrs down, I'm feeling great,
Now lets go out and celebrate!

Some pics and Videos from today:

Beautiful wide trails to Sasamat/Belcarra

Sasamat Bridge

Second wind VIDEO , LOVE running Downhill!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

INAGURAL FAT DOG 100 - Voley/pacer experience

INAGURAL FAT DOG!! 100 m/100 km.
 Should be called the MAD dog!
 because you would have to be MAD to do it!!! ( as per my opinion...but I used to think anything longer than a 10k was too far, and now I'm doing 50k's )

How hard is it? the numbers tell the tale:
The 100Km was reported to be more like 130 km, and took 19-30 hours to finish.
The 100 mile, also longer than expected  .
NOT to mention the elevation gain!!! 17500 ft gain and loss!
Several Veterans of 100 mile races DNF'd at this race!!! WHO IS TOUGH ENOUGH!
Only 13 of the 35 entrants finished the 100 mile.  Hassan Lotfi-pour  won the 100 Mile in 27 hrs 59 min..  This guy had the BEST attitude, and the best sense of humour when he hit my aid station! The longest runners took about 41 hours- thats a long time to be running!
But luckily, most runners got in the beautiful views from Cathedral Mountain and/or  Heather trail (above)
VOLUNTEERING ROCKS! :  LOOK at all the water! not to mention the volunteers who packed each and every container!
The  4X4 trip up to my aid station had beautiful views .  Just me, Amber, watermelon, and the bears. Totally worth it!  As a runner, it felt great  giving back to the running community .

DOING THE CALCITE AID STATION ( 2nd one in)  ... felt kinda like a first aid station.

The first runners were to arrive at 7:30.but did not arrive till 11 am!
EVERYONE was out there longer than expected

Several wide eyed, salt laden faces-They either looked like they were in ADVENTURE HEAVEN.. Or, like they had bitten off more than they could chew!!!

One guy said he did not pee for 7-8 hrs. We fueled, and watered him till he was good (and speak in full sentences) and I am happy to report he FINISHED the 100 miles !

Once ALL runners were thru I went ....Back to the finish line to find my HUBBY !!

Jim was Pacing his  100 km friends for the last 50 Km:  
 I expected them 8 hrs later. so..

I Sit at the finish line:
Expected arrival- 10 pm ... but I knew it would be later.
3am... STILL no runners!!! Did they call it off??
Staring int the darkness for the slightest  headlamp flicker...

Some Pictures Jim took :
Great volunteers , good friends, and a crazy photographer

I catch word that my gang of guys  hit the last aid station  at 10 pm  in good spirits..When everyone else was ready to puke at that point and could only stomach liquids,  apparently  Gary Robbins offered Jim  a hot dog and Jim scarfed down 2 or 3 of them!  Since then, he has been coined  "HOT DOG JIM". LOL !


It was a beautiful FULL MOON!!

Meanwhile, me.. 5 am... I'm starting to stress a bit: Twelve hours ! omg, Jim must be F'd by now! He just go over plantar faciitis, he must be crawling by now. Or are they all lost on the mountain?? I start to get mad- thats it! our holidays are now wrecked!

7am.. ish- The most beautiful site! Jim lumbering in. He is walking !! (not limping) and laughing!!! The guys finish in around 23 hours.

Jim Doesn't even cross the finish line... He yells "Food!"  B-lines  right to the food table. Too funny!  glad he is only a pacer.  In the end they all make home ! finishing 4th and 5th !!  and all the guys had a great adventure together ... though I hear  'what happens on  the trail stays on the trail' - and I really do NOT  want to hear the details.

So, after running all night, they get back to the campsite.

Jim Quote: " Nothing says breakfast like soup,grill cheeze, 3 freezies and 2 beer"  
I think the neighbor campers were jealous and wondering where they got this girl to bring them food and beer in the morning.. let alone the massages . LOL.

All runners who were BRAVE enough to attempt an inagural event, fully knowing there would be glitches.
Heather for taking on this gargantuan task.
Gary Robbins for offering Hot dogs to Jim ( which probably kept him alive)
Nicola and Peter for their nonstop support and enthusiasm for this great event.
Amber- for putting up with me at the aid station.. for my arts and crafts moments, and nonstop chatter
All volunteers- many of who's long hours were an endurance event in themselves!

This was a bit late as I was on holidays with no wifi for 2 weeks..