Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Hangover Run Poem:

I read a great athletic poem by Tom Craik on Stormy ... and that put me in a 'poetic mood'.  So I created this poem on my run today- though it certainly doesn't relay any uber athleticism.  Enjoy!

The Hangover Run

Drank in moderation, or so I thought                                                          
Woke up this morning-apparently NOT

Morning meal diddn’t sit right,
Run or not, with myself I fight.

Get that Sunday long run in!
Today I pay for last nights sin.

Head is knocking, stomach queasy,
This run is not going to be easy!

Outside I go into fresh air,                                                   
Dew on the ground, wind in my hair.

With every step, I feel more clear
As I run off last nights beer!

Heading home I sprint ahead
Knowing that is where I’ll find my bed.

Second wind, now I’m cruising
Hot damn, I do love running!

3 hrs down, I’m feeling spent,
I did it, I did it! So glad I went!

(or, an alternative ending for those hardcore partiers out there)
3 hrs down, I'm feeling great,
Now lets go out and celebrate!

Some pics and Videos from today:

Beautiful wide trails to Sasamat/Belcarra

Sasamat Bridge

Second wind VIDEO , LOVE running Downhill!!


EricG said...

Better to run with a hangover than lay on the couch with one, aye!

Will said...

love it! how familiar it sounds....

Tom Craik said...

Love it, Heather. I'm glad I could be an inspiration to be poetic. It would seem you actually have a talent, though. Well done. Isn't it a nice change to do something different. The message gets written, but it truly makes you deeply mindful of the events that took place when you have to work the words.

Great blog. Thanks for the read.

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

haha loved it. That's exactly how I felt on Saturday morning running the 5 peaks!!!! But by the end of the run I was having fun. It's all about Balance- we can beat ourselves up over 'indulging' on the occasional evening, but in the end, get out and run, sweat it out, and you'll feel great!

Pete told me he saw you but I'm afraid I didnt!!!