Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lost a running partner, gained a friend.

As the post says, 'Heather and Hubby's excellent adventures".  My hubby has been out for about 2 months with what I believe is fractured sesamoids and plantar fasciitis. He is 6 ft 3" and 230+ lbs. Something has to give!

I miss running with him.  I now know what it is like to be a gal trying to put mileage in by herself in the wilderness.   I now have to rely on my great running friends to get the mileage in.

I do not miss running with him. We are both so competitive we have often come home from runs angry at each other cuz we were racing and one of us won. Seriously, its either humerous or dysfunctional.

Since we have not been training together (he has been biking) it is amazing how well we get along!
It is actually nice to train alone.  If I feel great, I can go for a really long or fast run, without having to cater to how someone else feels that day.

Relaxation wasn't in my Schedule:
Last weekend he 'whisked me away' to Harrison Hot springs for my  bday .  I was supposed to be peaking and doing a 4-6 hr run.  Instead, I was floating in the pool, drinking wine !

Its All Good:
I am so thankful my partner 'balances me'.   I was going a bit gangbusters and was starting to hurt. The hardware in my old fractured tibfib was giving me serious pain (got to get that out if I plan to run more).  This last weekend of relaxation was just what I needed.  Though I did squeeze in an 18 km hike with 1000 m elevation gain up bear mountain.

Great waterfallfoggy

Knee knacker 50km  in North Vancouver in 3 weeks!! I gotta run off some of that great food this weekend!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

BEST start to a birthday? - 10 mile run in the woods at 6am (with a friend much faster than me). Rock it!
NEXT?- shower, then meet my other friend for 'coffee at Starbucks"
THEN- a 1 hour massage (therapeutic and painful I might add- but worth it)
BREAK for a mini nap before the family gets home.
Wow, got that 'trophy wife' feeling... but realize, I still have to goto work tomorrow.

THEN- Open presents! yaay!  Jim remembered my bday and is taking us to Harrison Hot springs for the     weekend. GREAT  gift idea!  Not sure how I'll get a 6-7 hr run out there though.  Megan got me chocolates- that I had to share of course :)

DINNER- at the heritage pizza place. OMG- the BEST pizza I have ever had. Thin crust, all         
        meat/garlic/pesto/ whatever! .

Tomorrow is 'back to reality' day. 5 am for figure skating. yikes.

Love my life, love my friends!