Sunday, June 14, 2009

Run hard, party hard.

My quote of the week:

I had the funnest last 9 days. Some 55 miles or so on the trails last week- nothing amazing by the ultra standards- but I'm working on it and enjoying every minute of it. My week June 6-14 went like this:

Sat- 2&1/2 hours trail '3 lake loop'. Buntzen->Sasamat->Woodhaven lakes and back
Sun - 8 miles Easy buntzen run, plusd 5 hrs yardwork
Mon - 5 miles-random speedwork
Tue - 8 miles FAST- racing Jim around Buntzen, took out a few small dogs on the way
Wed - 8 miles easy while daughter skated at 6 am. FELL on an easy run
( Still sleeping). Did some sweet palm surfing. An old couple offered to take me to the hospital- too funny! I just looked like a bloody mess, but was just fine.

Thurs- I find out I passed my
no running.... got to PARTY today!!.

Fri- 8 miles Buntzen. Then off to a Skating banquet.
CELEBRATED cuz I resigned from my volunteer job of 4 years.

Sat- 10K trail 5 FIVE PEAKS RUN at SFU.
Hip sore in am but did it anyway last minute just to check out the trails. Started in 5th wave to 'take it slow' but of course, couldn't hold back any longer.
Finished 4th- PERFECT cuz no time to stay for medals- had to take daughter skating .
-This trail series has changed. Waay more people, more competitive, and more expensive ($50 for a 10K?/) . I felt it lost its small town "exclusive trail runner" feel. oh well, still fun.

I did get to meet Matt Sessions. Quite a highlight. He filled me in (ie. freaked me out) about the Manning 50 K that I plan on doing for my first 50K ever... did he say harder than diez vista?? yikes??

Sun - 3 hours easy trail run up DV with the Sahara mds gang. Lotsa laughs... till we come across 2 bear cubs and a momma on her hind feet!. That adrenaline rush lasted another hour!

Feeling very alive!

On top of it all I managed some quality time with my daughter jumping on the trampoline. As well as some beach time at buntzen.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but by the end of the week the water at Buntzen was NOT COLD ENOUGH ! (for that recovery soak)

And this is what 12 yr old girls do for fun for the picture. Silly girls. But much better than the school field trip I saw when running Buntzen lake this week where boys were sitting in the shade so they could play their PSP/Nintendo/Gameboys- it was pathetic!
I am so glad my daughter has an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds her. I hope it will give her peace in her adult life.

Loving life.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its my birthday and I'll blog if I want to.

I was excited when I turned 40. Today I am 41-on the other side of 40, heading towards 50...not so exciting. In my usual manner, when I turned 40 I set out some goals:

-Pass my advanced manual therapy/manipulative exam. YeSSS! done!
5 years of studying with bones and books in the basement was worth it.
-Finish top 100 women in the Sun Run (I was about 105th. grrrrr)
-Complete a Marathon- DONE!
-Run a 50 K - not yet, working on it
- Be 'in the moment' more, mindfulness
-Spend more time with the family and take more holidays

Of course I was trying to do it all in my 40th yr and was kinda depressed I diddn't do it all. Now I look at my list, I see it would have been impossible to study/work/train hard and take more holidays in one year. I'm thinking my next goal would be to not set so many goals and try to enjoy life more!! silly me.