Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its my birthday and I'll blog if I want to.

I was excited when I turned 40. Today I am 41-on the other side of 40, heading towards 50...not so exciting. In my usual manner, when I turned 40 I set out some goals:

-Pass my advanced manual therapy/manipulative exam. YeSSS! done!
5 years of studying with bones and books in the basement was worth it.
-Finish top 100 women in the Sun Run (I was about 105th. grrrrr)
-Complete a Marathon- DONE!
-Run a 50 K - not yet, working on it
- Be 'in the moment' more, mindfulness
-Spend more time with the family and take more holidays

Of course I was trying to do it all in my 40th yr and was kinda depressed I diddn't do it all. Now I look at my list, I see it would have been impossible to study/work/train hard and take more holidays in one year. I'm thinking my next goal would be to not set so many goals and try to enjoy life more!! silly me.


Gary Robbins said...

Happy Birthday Heather!! It looks like you do quite a bit already and seem to appreciate having a balance in life...nice work, you're still a spring chicken!!


Bob - said...

Happy B- Day Heather and just read ur marathon report..


Now that is a SWEET first Marathon Time!!

Way to Go !!


Thanks for the encouragement. I may be getting older, but I am having more fun than ever...