Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great day for Canadian Hockey!!

Yaaay! Canada won the final hockey game of the Olympics!
I am so proud to be Canadian, and so impressed with the patriotism seen over the last 2 weeks!

Olympics and Endurance
Started with a 3 hr run with great friends this morning. Raced home for a quick 5 min shower, 15 min prep to head out the door to a friends Olympic party. No time to eat post run. Soo happy they had food at the party!
Chowed down, washed with a few glasses of wine as we watched the Hockey game.  Certainly an 'endurance event'  of a different sort....

A perfect day! Run, fun, and friends!


Friday, February 26, 2010

FINALLY enjoying the Olympic spirit!

The last 2 weeeks I have been  soo busy at work. Why? Cuz everyone else is taking holidays to enjoy the Olympics!! So I took today off and made a point of going downtown Vancouver to enjoy the 'spirit'

Dropped my daughter off at skating at 6 am then easily took the transit train down town.  I checked out most things before 10 am!

THE OLYMPIC FLAME- looked soo cool with the stormy sky

This was the Crazy line up to see the CANADIAN MINT  at 7 am!!
Line-ups for the BAY Olympic Clothing just as long! I dont get it!
I thought this pic of skating at Holt Renfrew was Hilarious




Thats All. I could have got into the partying 'IRISH house at 11 am, but wasn't up to drinking at that point! "
I logged a good 10 miles of shopping, Robson St to Denman, up Granville then down to Yaletown.
No running tonight :)
Will do a double this weekend then taper for Dirty Duo 50 K - yaay!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Throwing out the training schedule

I was recently criticized by a trailrunning colleague about my 5 hr run I did a few weeks ago. He insisted it was not necessary and, well, was basically 'stupid'...and not in line with a programmed 'training plan'  he outlined for the group .  It may mess up my 'peak'.. for what? the olympics? NO! just another fun  50k adventure run- of which I have several planned for the year.
Why did I do it? Because I could!  It was fun with friends, interesting, and Jim and  I had a greater sense of accomplishment, confidence and self worth than we did when we  finished our  first Marathon!   There was no flags, finish line, or medals... Just memories.

SUCH A REBEL  (not really,)
Ooops! I did it again! Apparently Monday is supposed to be a day off running... but not in this beautiful weather! There is NO way you would find me in the gym, cross training. 
Camera in hand, I went for a most enjoyable 'Photo Safari" on my run;  BUNTZEN LAKE

THIS is why I run !

Entering in races is just a motivator/ destination.  
Its the training that is the Journey.
We should make the Journey as beautiful as possible.

I have the ability now to traverse large distances.
To fit more into a day than the average person.
To go on great run adventures with my husband.


I'm no Olympian, just a  lady who likes to run. As a physiotherapist and personal trainer, I know how to train.  As a human being, I am striving for balance an enjoyment in life.

In turn, I have decided to make my training  this summer more about adventure = the main reason I got into this in the first place!  (sometimes we lose sight... but get back on track)   I will have a 'backdrop' of training- the tempo/speed/ taper stuff... but not let that rule my fun! yes FUN!!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Notes to myself for the long run

I plan on doing several 50k+ this year so am making notes for myself to case I get old one day and forget what works :)

 I  try to eat 'real food' on long runs.  I have the stomach of a billygoat.  But, I do add Carbopro in my pack just to ensure I keep my wits about me.  I average 200 cal/hr with real food, then gels.
IF they made gels that tasted like cheezecake, gingerbread, nachos, french fries, I would  probably eat more.
Prefer 'GU' to powerbar gels as it is less sweet and less runny- (oh yum). If only I could get it in bulk!  

My husband, on the other hand  has difficulty eating on the run . He has found a new gear in his step with a combination of gels and  "carbopro powder" . He is a new man with his 'bonk' ( grumpy, dizzy, walking man) moved from 3.5 hrs to...I don't know. We just did a 5 hr run with no problemos! 

I like the thermolytes. I can really gague EXACTLY  how much electrolytes I am taking in every hour.  My new mantra is:
 "If I don't feel right, I may need a thermolyte"

I Now put into  a pill holder am/aft/pm/night X2/section=8 pills. Still debating the blister pack idea for longer runs. .

I need to figure out how to set my watch to beep on the hour to remind me when to eat etc.  After about 3.5-4 hrs I get in a happy zone and lose track of time.

 I finished last weekend with a nasty chaffing spot on my low back from the pack. 
-->It looks more like I had sex on a carpet than ran for a 30 miles!! So now there is yet another spot
 to remember to lube in addition to all the others. I always pack extra lube (I dig out the remainder from the bottom of the stick and put it in Saran Wrap)
CLOTHING - added after dirty duo
Compression shorts so no chaffing... but not so tight I can't pull them up when peeing in the woods.
Good 'running bra' that has been well testd that does not give me 'bra burn'. So far UNDER ARMOUR and running room products working.
Socks- I WANT DRYMAX socks  (can't get in canada) , but will settle for dual layer dryfit socks from runners den. No blisters so far
SUGOI  jacket I have worn forever. Removable sleeves are great . Might be replaced with soft sleeves
NATHAN hydration pack. The best! with lotsa pockets- except bladder 'weak' . Replaced bladder with PLATYPUS - waay stronger.

Since my bathroom is under reno- no ice baths for me. So I'll have to rely on recovery tabs and compression garments.  Seems to be working dandy so far.

Packing for the long run is now seeming more like packing for a weekend getaway! Whew! But its worth it.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day 5 hr Run


While other romantics were lying in bed, drinking champagne,eating strawberries, we were running the trails, drinking carbopro and eating gels!  Too funny!

We had a most rewarding 5 hour/ 25 mile run  through most of the Diez Vista course.  It is probably the best running I have seen Jim do.  He has finally learned to eat and drink enough on the run. 
As you Can see, Jim isn't a little guy, so nutrition is even more important for him.
( though I think he is standing a little taller for the pic- goof!)

Our great friend Marc came with us ...He led most of the way.
He may have been a bit 'spacey' near the end as he mentioned something about going onto the space-ship up ahead. But it was actually the sun shining beautifully thru the trees.

Felt great at the end so we flew down the last hill just for fun.

Finished Valentines day watching the Olympics, sharing gifts, and eating...lots of eating.  The wine may not help with recovery, but hey, its Valentines day. You gotta live a little.

Life's a garden, Dig it!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Jims getting his groove back

Since my husband and I run together, if he "isn't into it", then I don't get a quality run in either...or at all.  I do train separately, but prefer to run with someone for the long trail runs.

                                                                                                                               Tough walk/run to finish
He did a great marathon last yr 3:34. Unfortunately, the big guy 'bonked' on his first 50K and we walked/ran together to finish. He only consumed 600 calories the whole race!  It was a huge blow to his confidence and he had little desire to race again.

And he had Plantar Fasciitis
And he repetitively sprained his ankle.
And he was working 6 days/week all year
And he was having difficulties running more than 3 hrs b4 feeling ill

CONFIDENCE BOOST                                                                             Happy Running Again!!                                     
Last weekend we got up early and ran  4 hours/ 20 miles with a 2376 meter elevation gain....and we both still felt GREAT! We were on a high all day.  What did he change?

-Active work on ankle rehab
-Consume enough calories EVERY hour- duh! My mantra to him was "when you feel the least like eating is probably when you should be eating the most!"
-Drink enough water - another duh!  But is is finally following 'what to do' with great results. He's ornerey, but is learning :)

So now he is excited again for another 50K. YAAY! - Now I have someone to join me in my enthusiasm for races !!!  Now he wants to do a 5-6 hr full  DV 50k  practice run next weekend.
- I'm in !!


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Everyday I see injured people. I treat, educate, stretch and strengthen them to get them back to their sport/work/life.  My most challenging patient of late is MY  HUSBAND!

About a month ago he was running down a trail and did one of those ugly ankle  rolls where you can see the foot turn 90 degrees and you're certain you hear a 'clunk'.  This is not the first time he has done this!

So, he gets all the free physio a husband can get.  But does he listen?? No!
The next week, since he figures he can walk he does a long run with the gang over Diez Vista (a gnarly trail to say the least). Lo and behold, he sprains it again!  Of couse he did. He diddn't even begin to regain his peroneal strength or reaction time...let alone the ligament healing.
Luckily half the gang were in a wimpy running mood so they  were keen to run him home so I got to continue with the others.

Finally I 'put my foot down' with this 'difficult patient'.  Once we got the swelling down he is on a strict ankle rehab program that I tried to configure to his lifestyle;
1. Theraband peroneal strengthening exercises- When he crashes on the couch after work I tie his feet together and make him do 30 Reps. 

2. Sissel seat balance excercises- It is placed beside the computer and he is to  balance on it    (2-->1 foot) when he watches videos on the computer.  I would prefer a wobble board, but considering his low compliance and that  the sissel is  only $20, but the WB is $100 .

3. In addition, I work with him one on one doing single leg balance exercises and fig 8's with the theraband. I'm sure that if he had to pay for Physio he would be much more compliant and independent with is exercises.

4. We have been road running (ugh, ...but at least I found a nice long uphill route) and I insist he wear a dynamic ankle brace (allows movement but not to end range so he can strengthen with support)  for anything near a trail run.

Why am I doing this? Other than the fact that apparently its my duty as a physio and his wife ?  I want my favorite running partner  back on the trails with me!  Plus, since he is 6'3" and I'm 5'3"  I really don't want to have to pack him out of the woods .