Thursday, February 25, 2010

Throwing out the training schedule

I was recently criticized by a trailrunning colleague about my 5 hr run I did a few weeks ago. He insisted it was not necessary and, well, was basically 'stupid'...and not in line with a programmed 'training plan'  he outlined for the group .  It may mess up my 'peak'.. for what? the olympics? NO! just another fun  50k adventure run- of which I have several planned for the year.
Why did I do it? Because I could!  It was fun with friends, interesting, and Jim and  I had a greater sense of accomplishment, confidence and self worth than we did when we  finished our  first Marathon!   There was no flags, finish line, or medals... Just memories.

SUCH A REBEL  (not really,)
Ooops! I did it again! Apparently Monday is supposed to be a day off running... but not in this beautiful weather! There is NO way you would find me in the gym, cross training. 
Camera in hand, I went for a most enjoyable 'Photo Safari" on my run;  BUNTZEN LAKE

THIS is why I run !

Entering in races is just a motivator/ destination.  
Its the training that is the Journey.
We should make the Journey as beautiful as possible.

I have the ability now to traverse large distances.
To fit more into a day than the average person.
To go on great run adventures with my husband.


I'm no Olympian, just a  lady who likes to run. As a physiotherapist and personal trainer, I know how to train.  As a human being, I am striving for balance an enjoyment in life.

In turn, I have decided to make my training  this summer more about adventure = the main reason I got into this in the first place!  (sometimes we lose sight... but get back on track)   I will have a 'backdrop' of training- the tempo/speed/ taper stuff... but not let that rule my fun! yes FUN!!!!


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EricG said...

Everyones got an opinion. Just keep running and having fun. Do it your way:) Nice photos as always.