Thursday, February 4, 2010


Everyday I see injured people. I treat, educate, stretch and strengthen them to get them back to their sport/work/life.  My most challenging patient of late is MY  HUSBAND!

About a month ago he was running down a trail and did one of those ugly ankle  rolls where you can see the foot turn 90 degrees and you're certain you hear a 'clunk'.  This is not the first time he has done this!

So, he gets all the free physio a husband can get.  But does he listen?? No!
The next week, since he figures he can walk he does a long run with the gang over Diez Vista (a gnarly trail to say the least). Lo and behold, he sprains it again!  Of couse he did. He diddn't even begin to regain his peroneal strength or reaction time...let alone the ligament healing.
Luckily half the gang were in a wimpy running mood so they  were keen to run him home so I got to continue with the others.

Finally I 'put my foot down' with this 'difficult patient'.  Once we got the swelling down he is on a strict ankle rehab program that I tried to configure to his lifestyle;
1. Theraband peroneal strengthening exercises- When he crashes on the couch after work I tie his feet together and make him do 30 Reps. 

2. Sissel seat balance excercises- It is placed beside the computer and he is to  balance on it    (2-->1 foot) when he watches videos on the computer.  I would prefer a wobble board, but considering his low compliance and that  the sissel is  only $20, but the WB is $100 .

3. In addition, I work with him one on one doing single leg balance exercises and fig 8's with the theraband. I'm sure that if he had to pay for Physio he would be much more compliant and independent with is exercises.

4. We have been road running (ugh, ...but at least I found a nice long uphill route) and I insist he wear a dynamic ankle brace (allows movement but not to end range so he can strengthen with support)  for anything near a trail run.

Why am I doing this? Other than the fact that apparently its my duty as a physio and his wife ?  I want my favorite running partner  back on the trails with me!  Plus, since he is 6'3" and I'm 5'3"  I really don't want to have to pack him out of the woods .


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