Monday, February 8, 2010

Jims getting his groove back

Since my husband and I run together, if he "isn't into it", then I don't get a quality run in either...or at all.  I do train separately, but prefer to run with someone for the long trail runs.

                                                                                                                               Tough walk/run to finish
He did a great marathon last yr 3:34. Unfortunately, the big guy 'bonked' on his first 50K and we walked/ran together to finish. He only consumed 600 calories the whole race!  It was a huge blow to his confidence and he had little desire to race again.

And he had Plantar Fasciitis
And he repetitively sprained his ankle.
And he was working 6 days/week all year
And he was having difficulties running more than 3 hrs b4 feeling ill

CONFIDENCE BOOST                                                                             Happy Running Again!!                                     
Last weekend we got up early and ran  4 hours/ 20 miles with a 2376 meter elevation gain....and we both still felt GREAT! We were on a high all day.  What did he change?

-Active work on ankle rehab
-Consume enough calories EVERY hour- duh! My mantra to him was "when you feel the least like eating is probably when you should be eating the most!"
-Drink enough water - another duh!  But is is finally following 'what to do' with great results. He's ornerey, but is learning :)

So now he is excited again for another 50K. YAAY! - Now I have someone to join me in my enthusiasm for races !!!  Now he wants to do a 5-6 hr full  DV 50k  practice run next weekend.
- I'm in !!



EricG said...

Thats awesome. Keep giving him lots of positive comments. You know how us guys need the ego boost:) Peace

オテモヤン said...
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