Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Excited for Next Year!

Three sucessful 50 km 's this year.  Husband almost dies (but lived). Oldest daughter in university, youngest in middle school and competing in figure skating. Its been a busy year.

I took 3 easy weeks hiking/easy runs with my husband.  I enjoyed eating and drinking whatever I want and 'relaxing'.  Not suprisingly so, this has gotten boring quite quickly.

So now what?
Thankfully, I have a great running group. As my husband is out of the loop (for now), I thought I would just do the same old local races . But my friends have better plans! yaay! I am so there!
1. I LOVE the team/ friend/social aspect of runs- so much more fun than running a race alone.
2. I need a new challenge to keep me 'honest' with myself. 

"My Best friend is the one who brings out the best in me" - Henry Ford

So my plans for next year are :  tentatively....

March 19- Chuckanut  50 K
Apr 30- Capitopl peaks 50 mile - my first run exceeding 50Km and a gague for the death race.
May 15 - Tenderfoot Boogie possibly.. 50 mile or 50  km . May be too close to 50 mile above though.
July 31 ish - Canadian Death race- 125 km, ...17000 ft elevation gain . I'm so scaaaared!!!/Excited!!
Sept- Frosty mountain 50 Km. I have a bone to pick with this race. Haven't  ran the whole thing.

Its starting to look like an addiction.  Like, 50 km isn't enough? I'm looking for more to satisfy my running 'fix' !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First time the Wheels Fell Off

It wasn't even a race... just a nice long Sunday run with the gang.
45 minutes into a 3 hr run, hitting the second hill of ... Calf cramps! quad cramps! out of breath! WTF??

I felt fabulous otherwise (energy level etc), except that when I asked my legs to push me uphill... there was NOTHING there, like no blood was getting to my muscles.

I bowed out, told the gang they would probably spend the rest of the run waiting for me. I went back downhill and ran relatively flat to finish out a 2 hr run.  Hard to believe someone can feel like a loser only running 2 hours- but I did.

Literally depressed at my performance, I spent 1/2 the day trying to find an explanation.  The flu a week earlier ? Recent speedwork? Spending hours on a ladder?.
... Probably all of the above

So I ask myself :
"Why am I running if I end up mad at myself cuz I wasn't up to par one day?" 
After much introspection I remind myself: 
 " I run for fun, for health,  for adventure, personal accomplishment and socialization."  

Sometimes the fun gets lost in the seriousness of training.
Race season is essentially over, so why not cross-train,  take the pressure off and go have fun!!!
I think I'll go buy some snowshoes... Look up a cool hike , ride my bike,  and maybe even take a dip in the pool.
...And eat cookies : )


RETURNING to this post I reealize how I need to chllax. I am back at it with the gang and am catching up.   Why?
ROLLING !!!! ON the roller
AND I'm back doing  core exercises.
I am BACK on the WAGON!!!! the running wagon that is.  Yeah baby !!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


What are you afraid of? How does it limit you from living your life to your fullest?

Fear of the Doctor:
My husband is recovering from a serious illness… which brought on this discussion.
Was he afraid of yearly checkups for fear they might find something??

…. But had they found something, they may have prevented his current health issue!.

There is food for thought…Wouldn’t you kick yourself if the doc finds something that could have been fixed a few years ago if you saw him then?? Get that physical!

But it Expands from there- what else do you avoid because of fear?

Fear of Wildlife:

Some people never go enjoy the outdoors for fear of bears, pity! What they are missing!!! According to the wildlife research institute, people are 250 times more likely to be killed by lightning than a bear. The odds of being hit by lightning are 1 in 4.2 million. The odds of dying in a car accident are 1 in 20, 000. So put down the cell phone, put both hands on the wheel, quit worrying about bears!

Fear of Driving:

Well, that is definitely one of my fears- especially in the city. But when I added up all the great experiences I turned down because I was afraid to drive , it was again, a pity. I have since taken the wheel (albeit white knuckled) and have expanded my adventures outside of my little neighborhood. Doing so has expanded my life and independence- What a GREAT feeling!

Sad story of Fear:

In my clinical experience I recently came across someone who admitted she was afraid of intimacy and rejection so she chose to be obese on purpose! (I’m talking 300+ lbs and had a stroke in her 30's) . She DENIED herself health and happiness, just because of her fears! Whoah, give your head a shake!

So Get out there, do what you HAVE to do... do what you WANT to do,
and don’t let fear stand in your way!

And here are a few quotes for Motivation: 

The greatest mistake you’ll ever make is FEARING you’ll make one” . Elbert Hubbard
“You’ll ALWAYS miss 100% of the shots you DON’T take.” Wayne Gretsky 1961

And of course one suited for those ultra-runners;
" Only those who risk going TOO FAR can find out HOW FAR they can go” . TS Elliott -Love it!