Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vancouver Sun Run 2009


I will start with saying I ran a bit slower this year (5 seconds to be exact), but I had much more fun!!

The Warmup:
I HAD to go to the Sun Run because I was lucky enough to get "seeded" with the "blue bibs". What an experience! I felt like someone at the Emmy's... "I'm just happy to be here". Not only did we get lots of room to warm up, but we also got our own 'porta potties' for our small group- no line ups. Bonus! AND I think I found my picture on the front cover of the Vancouver Sun. A little blue dot in the middle... I think.

I was honored to even be in the same group as Lisa Harvey, and a physio colleague of mine, Norm Tinkham. Not to mention the Kenyans and Ethiopians. I actually ran beside the Ethiopian woman as she was warming up with a light jog. I ran a little faster than her for a bit as I giggled to myself "I am running faster than the Ethiopian" . I'm OK with the self delusion.

The Run:
With a great warmup in hand, off I go. I don't know if it was my adrenaline, or the downhill, but My Garmin was telling me I was running 5:50 min miles! So I pulled back a bit to a 6:15-6:30 min mile with the fear I might blow up at the end. My goal was to do this run in 41-42 mins. Is I was pulling back the reins, my husband catches up to me and tapps me on my shoulder as he passes me. He was smiling ear to ear. I think it was a bigger smile than the one he had the day we were married! Damn, he loves passing me. But, I hold my pace.

Only 3 kms in my left tensor facia lata siezed up. I know I'm a Physio and I should listen to my pain. But I am also a runner, who does the opposite. The runner in me won so I kept running and running, making a mental note to stretch my ITB more and work on glut med strength. This year I really enjoyed the bands along the way and took in the sights, trying not to analyze other runners weird running styles. I did have to push a bit at the end to maintain my pace, but was suprised I could sprint the last km. I crossed the finish line, looked at my watch and it said 44:14 AND that I had run 13 kms !!

I love my Garmin watch and I am overly impressed with their top notch service. I got my watch back from them totally refurbished, free of charge, just before the run. However, I forgot to 'calibrate it'... which explains why it looked like I was running so fast, but it felt easy. Oh well, I diddn't expect to crush last yrs time anyway because I have been working on endurance for the marathon and not speed.

Speaking of this is impressive:

The times the winning runners did the run in was mindboggling impressive. My friend Norm did it in less than 35 minutes! and he is in his 40's !!

But what is really impressive, is that I started at 9 am crossed the finish line at 9:44 , grabbed a water, found my husband, we both raced to the skytrain, which took us to our car where we changed, the sped to the Gillnetter Pub to meet friends. By 11 am we had drink in had and food on our plate.. as others were still crossing the finish line. Now thats a race!

I can't wait to get back on the trails.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you Thermolytes!

Wow, not only did I feel GREAT after a 22 mile run, but I woke up this mornining with NO muscle soreness! The only thing I changed was that I took a few Thermolytes on my run- what a difference!

Ha, I recall running my first flat 20 miles last yr. taking in only 500 ml water and 1 power bar...and wondering why I was so wiped at the end! Thanks to some self education and great trail runners blogs (I will learn how to put them on here later), I have improved my performance simply through what I take in! I'm thinking, that if they made the camelback waterpack, they just have to add an intravenous glucose injection and I'm set!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My first 60 mile WEEK!

Yaaay, I finally broke the 50's and made a 60 mile week!! Soo much easier without filling spare time with studying or volunteering. I can run far... but I fear not fast, as the Sun run 10k approaches... I feel slower, and slower!

I am beginning to wonder if DIEZ VISTA would have been a better choice- always next yr. This yr I will just cheer on the participants. As opposed to a marathon where you are cheered in by hundreds and get a medal at the end. These poor souls run 50 K and the finish line is just a chalkmark on the ground with a handfull of people clapping. They must love what they do!

Aah, but it was a beautiful trail run Buntzen to Sasamat, to Belcarra/Woodhaven lake then around Buntzen again. 3:45( including pee breaks, eating breaks, stretching, my husbands bathroom breaks,and tying up his run pants that are falling down due to the rain- if he could just swallow his ego and wear the tight spandex it would be much easier! aaah, the male ego, such a fragile thing)Not to mention we were out last night to the giggle dam. It was inspiring to see a running colleague who is going to the 'marathon de sables'. Rain smain, I would do it again.

The blog thing is new to me, but is interesting. Found a GREAT friends cooking site, I look forward to adding some 'healthy' recipes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I found my blog !

I totally forgot I even had a 'blog site' ! Apparently I set this one up 2 years ago, which is about right because I have been very busy the last 2 years.

I have been busy acting as the registrar for our figure skating club which involves managing over 300 skaters. I have also been busy studying in any spare minute I had so I can challenge some advanced physiotherapy exams. Not to mention working, and continuing to work on my running! Well, the exams are done and I have stepped down after volunteering for 5 years. As I get back into my life, I find it funny I find my blog!

As for running, Jim and I have continued to train and enjoy the progress. It is like a neat experiment to see how much better we can get. I have improved my 1/2 marathon time to 1:36 (albeit a net downhill scotiabank-but I'll take it). We have spent most of our time on the trails. I beat my previous times in the 5 peaks series- but diddn't do as well as I planned as there are so many talented runners hitting the trails. Those tall long legged women are hard to keep up to!

This year its all about endurance. We can now trail run for 4 1/2 hours. I had hoped to do the Diez vista 50 K, but it lands the same weekend as the Sun Run (which I actually got seeded for,which may never happen again cuz I am only getting older). The Vancouver Marathon will have to do. Its enough to put some fear into me. I just need to work out my fluids and fuel-its like a science and an art, very cool !