Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you Thermolytes!

Wow, not only did I feel GREAT after a 22 mile run, but I woke up this mornining with NO muscle soreness! The only thing I changed was that I took a few Thermolytes on my run- what a difference!

Ha, I recall running my first flat 20 miles last yr. taking in only 500 ml water and 1 power bar...and wondering why I was so wiped at the end! Thanks to some self education and great trail runners blogs (I will learn how to put them on here later), I have improved my performance simply through what I take in! I'm thinking, that if they made the camelback waterpack, they just have to add an intravenous glucose injection and I'm set!

1 comment:

Gary Robbins said...

YEAH Thermolytes! The secret ingredient...don't tell everyone or they'll all get faster too!!
Too bad I missed ya at DV, hopefully next time!