Sunday, April 12, 2009

My first 60 mile WEEK!

Yaaay, I finally broke the 50's and made a 60 mile week!! Soo much easier without filling spare time with studying or volunteering. I can run far... but I fear not fast, as the Sun run 10k approaches... I feel slower, and slower!

I am beginning to wonder if DIEZ VISTA would have been a better choice- always next yr. This yr I will just cheer on the participants. As opposed to a marathon where you are cheered in by hundreds and get a medal at the end. These poor souls run 50 K and the finish line is just a chalkmark on the ground with a handfull of people clapping. They must love what they do!

Aah, but it was a beautiful trail run Buntzen to Sasamat, to Belcarra/Woodhaven lake then around Buntzen again. 3:45( including pee breaks, eating breaks, stretching, my husbands bathroom breaks,and tying up his run pants that are falling down due to the rain- if he could just swallow his ego and wear the tight spandex it would be much easier! aaah, the male ego, such a fragile thing)Not to mention we were out last night to the giggle dam. It was inspiring to see a running colleague who is going to the 'marathon de sables'. Rain smain, I would do it again.

The blog thing is new to me, but is interesting. Found a GREAT friends cooking site, I look forward to adding some 'healthy' recipes.

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Adam and Megan's Mom said...

I don't EVER want to see Jim in spandex. that is all!

Oh - and you run way too much and in my next life I want to be you at your heaviest. ha