Sunday, September 26, 2010

Since when did I think a trail 1/2 marathon was a SPRINT? Since yesterday.

Years ago I did 5 peaks trail races- the "Enduro's" (10-17 kms) . I used to think they were long.  After  my first race I had to go have a nap, and was stiff for a week! Years later, I'm doing 50 kms, training longer (and running slower I might add)  

I was granted a freebie entry into this weekends 5 peaks 1/2 marathon trail run (payback for Volunteering).
I knew I could do the distance. That is all I knew.  Sadly, due to the trail conditions we did not get to do the fun technical Diez Vista trail... oh well, its going to be a fast one then! And FUN it was!!  And it was a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day!!!

Like GREYHOUNDS out of the starting block, all the 1/2 marathoners took off at what seemed like blasting speed.  I looked at my Garmin- 6:45-7 min miles- yikes, I can't run that fast... but I kinda had to.

They were greyhounds, I felt more like a little WEINER DOG pumping my legs as fast as they would go to keep up.  I was actually thankful for the hills- a place where I could catch up! But catching up was difficult with this fast group. I ended up running alone most of the race.

" Well, I guess this will just be a good speed training run" I tell myself.  I had to give my head a shake, speed training?  diddn't I used to think of a half as an endurance event? How things have changed ! I finished the first loop of lakeview/buntzen lake in about 1hr 30 mins- then some guy waves me in the direction of my second loop up and around some trails- " Oh Goody" I tell him.  As usual, once I'm warmed up, I really start to enjoy the race. I do the rest with a smile on my face.

Thanks to all the endurance training, I was at least able to keep a solid hard pace the whole run and finished with gas in the tank and enough energy to dance all night at a wedding.   

 It was good to revisit old experiences to see where I've improved (and need improvement) .
The BEST part was when Jim suprised me and met me at the finish line!  It totally made my day!!

Note to self:
 Hard run - feel GREAT  after.
Night of partying, dancing in stilletto's- NOT  so great after .
Will I ever learn? probably not. Its all in good fun!


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Michelle said...

You have a ton of energy, Heather!!