Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Day FAT ASS 50 K

So Exactly how much can I Drink on New Years Eve, and still manage to run 50 km's the next day?  That was the question !  I started off 2011 with a bunch of firsts; 

The FIRST time I DROVE DOWNTOWN Vancouver ( slight fear of driving)
The FIRST time I was relatively SOBER on New Years eve in years!

At the Start:
A beautiful, crisp, cool, clear day it was.  The fatassers casually hung around the starting 'line' ... which is a fire hydrant of all things.  We listen to pre-race instructions, take the club picture, and off we go...many of us enjoying passing Gary Robbins who was  running (on crutches)- a first and last time that will ever happen.

Stanley Park:
I read the map and instructions, which would have worked if I was WALKING it, but at the pace we were going, I just kept up with the group I was in (which was going faster than I planned).  One trail  was just above the seawall, had beautiful views and no people.  We ran thru paths that I never knew existed-beautiful ! I held onto the 8:00-8:30 min/mile as long as I could to stay with the group. Once we got spat out onto the beach, I slowed down into a more comfortable pace and took in the amazing scenery. A lovely run along the seawall then up and over the Burrard St Bridge.

Kits/Spanish Banks:
This is where I met Ray Levasseur, who kept me company and guidance from here  and all the way through Pacific Spirit Park. I had a lovely visit with him and was sad to leave his side in the second half of the run,

Pacific Spirit Park:
 Wide, runable trails, oldgrowth Cedars, and a myriad of interconnecting trails.  At the 25 km turnaround, I felt great so I kicked it up a bit and picked up a new running partner 'Mark'. As two newbies, Mark and I took a few wrong turns, and I was really missing my former guide Ray.

Going through Point Grey, I did ask a little old lady if I was on the right course to the Burrard St bridge and she said "yes dear, but its a long ways away"... if she only knew how far I had already gone... and still had to go!

Back to the Finish:
Once finding my way back to Spanish Banks, I retraced my steps back. 
Going through the POLAR BEAR SWIM event was a definate mistake. I was slowed to a shuffling walk to get past the crowds.  About 25 miles in my left ITB was starting to scream at me, the lateral knee pain was annoying, but bearable. I was worried I took the wrong side of Lost lagoon lake, until someone yelled at me " Go Fat Ass !!" I must have been on track.

Heading to the finish... 4:57.... 4:58.... I can do it, I can get in under 5 hrs ! then RRrrrrring ! wtf? my phone?
My transcendental running state was interrupted by reality.

I answer,  "Hello?"
My daughter replies " Hi Mom, Can you pick me up at Sandy's"
I answer "Um,,, I'm kinda busy right now, can I get back to you"

 4:59:58 I finish!
And pleased with the fact that my Last 10 miles were faster than my first 10.
Things I learned: 
* Don't try to squeak the last few miles out of a dying pair of trail runners on a 50 km
 - especially on a flat course like this. My feet are mad at me today.
*Avoid the 'Polar Bear Swim'- should take a few minutes off the run next time 
*Although a few celebrational glasses of wine felt great at the time- it is not a good 'recovery' drink.



Anonymous said...

Heather, it was nice running with you for 7.5 K in Pacific Spirit Park. I had to rush to the washroom at Spanish Beach and lost you since then. I had some more wrong turns and evently finished in 5:04:52. Overall, I enjoyed my first ultra.

Happy trails!



It was fun running with you too! Even though you insisted 50km was 'too far'... You did great, and I'm betting I will see you at another ultra!

garobbins said...

Sub 5hr, WHILE multitasking! Now that's impressive!

Great seeing ya & congrats on a great run. Happy New Year!


Ean Jackson said...

Congrats to you, Heather, for being one of the few people in the world to kick off your new year with an ultra! You do know it's OK to stop your watch after you kiss the fire hydrant, don't you? The swim part is a bonus... to be savored rather than avoided! Hope to see your smiling face back again next year.

EricG said...

Happy New Year Heather and what a great way to kick it off. I wish you and your family a great year filled with fun adventures. Peace EricG


Thanks guys, I was spoiled with great people and great weather at this CFA event. Good point Ean...and if I kept the watch running longer it would be easier to beat myself next year! My biggest concern at the time was where the safest place was to kiss the hydrant (after Roxy marked it as her territory) tee hee.

S said...

You're amazing! You are inspiring!

I have to laugh that my word verification is crock LOL

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Your right Heather- wine is a bad recovery drink....however....BEER on the other hand = great recovery drink!

haha. I have been meaning to do the fat ass 50km on new years but this year I was just not quite in 50km running shape.

Hope to see you out running soon! Way to go driving out there!