Saturday, February 3, 2007

My first entry

I woke up, took my daughter Megan skating for 2 hours. While she skated I did some shopping or her birthday party next weekend. I picked her up from skating and we went to the mall to do a "walk through" of her scavenger hunt in the mall. Got home, ate lunch then hopped on our new treadmill to run 13 miles! Ran for 2 hr,4 min. Thought about lots in that time, life, family, daughter, stepdaughter, why am I doing this etc. Now I don't feel so well. But, I have to prepare for some crazy half marathon my husband and I registered for in two weeks. I just want to get under 2 hours.

Spent the evening recovering and supervising my daughter making grab bags. May sound boring to some, but it keeps me busy and out of trouble. Thats it for my first blog. Any mom will understand our multitasking life.

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