Wednesday, September 16, 2009

now I'm freaking for my first 50 K

Yup, I am up late after work. Why? can't sleep. Why?? thinking about my first 50 K run EVER. I know I have trained, I have done several 4 hr and a 5 hr run over the summer. But now the time is nigh.... what to pack, how to rest, etc. With the tapering I have tons of energy. Cleaned the house , did baking, groc shop, and weed eating of a 1/2 acre before noon... then worked till 10:30 tonight. I will try to rest more tomorrow.

I just want this to be a positive experience. Maybe lead to more 50 K's..... not one of those 'I'll never do it again' things. So many other people have done multiple 50 Ks and more, so there must be some joy in it. Even moreso, I hope my husband will 'enjoy' it. He is nursing a sore heel, and I hope it doesn't hold him back. I guess we will see.... we will see.

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