Saturday, November 7, 2009

Down time adventures in Vancouver

So, we trained all summer for our first 50 K, did it, then I ran a 30 K just for fun in the mud.  Not many races to prep for so we put our energies into family life active adventures  in the lower mainland as follows:


Beautiful hike. Only about 5 K right in the middle of suburbia.  We brought Megan along, and took it easy since we did our 3 hr run earlier that morning. I love this picture. Someone painted 'REST' on the tree. Megan took it literally The Falls themselves were beautiful . Will Certainly visit on a hot summer day. Lots of nice 'pools' to soak in. i was a bit sore after as I was wearing high heels! I diddn't know we were doing a hike till it was too late.

First time there. MUCH nicer than the teen hangout Cultus lake. TONS of hikes in the area. The picture below is a 2 hr straight uphill hike we did to a glacier lake . Beautiful!

What is weird is that in the middle of bf nowhere we come across a sign saying 'transcanada trail'. Wow, its everywhere!

Eagle bluff:
A beautiful trail with about 20-30 mins of switchbacks. Megan loves this trail. She talked the whole way up. Funny how kids like to talk when hiking.  This is one of my favorite bridges. Soo pretty.  At the top you look down to buntzen lake and the mountains. Very rewarding short hike. I am so pleased my tween daughter can also appreciate it. She diddn't want to leave.

Figured we had done enough trailwork and should maybe try the flat. Still working on tying to get our speed back.  Found this great 19 km circuit in Pitt meadows we ran with friends. Lovely wide open spaces. the flat was certainly a wake up call. I can not believe we were actually hurting after only 19k! Maybe I'll postphone that 1/2 marathon for a while. hee hee.

The lower mainland is such a beautiful place to adventure thru. There is sooo much in just our back yard. There is always new places to discover.  I look forward to discovering more incredible trails.


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Eric said...

Those are some great photos. Looks like a really peaceful place.