Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yaaay! the Diez vista 50 K is happening!!! This is a MAJOR goal of my running.
Here is the  short story;
- After breaking my tibfib I get into trail walk/running for my rehab.
-My first trail race is the 5 peaks diez vista ( only 14km section). I place top10. psyched.
-I show up to view the 'crazies ' doing the 50 K diez vista finish line, um, 4 yrs ago.
-I watch Susan Evans cross the line- WOW!  I am so impressed by a woman in such great shape.
-It is now a DREAM  to do this race'. I show up to cheeer the 50K finishers every year .
- Jim and I train... me recovering from a broken leg, him from a pulmonary embolism (welder, 2 pack a day smoker- obviously he quit)
-Did  several trail races and a 3:34 marathon together- NOT the endgoal... was training for the 50K
-Did the Frosty 50 K .  NOT the endogoal... was just practice for the Diez vista..
-Find out the Diez vista might not occur--oh no! ... and now the great news . It is happening! Yaaay!

.... I'm actually thinking of a post race party as I live 5 min away from the finish. Hmm. Luv2run, luv2 party!



EricG said...

Thats great. Look forward to hearing about it. Congrats to Jim too. Former 2 packer myself (nasty).

EricG said...

Hey there. Thanks for the toe review and advice. Off crutches today but the leg has been achey so I will take your advise and get to the gym ASAP.

Gary Robbins said...

Yeah very exciting news that's it's happening again in 2010...might see you there!!

Anonymous said...

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