Saturday, March 27, 2010

Evolution of a Trail Runner

On a nice long run the other day I was thinking of how my running has changed.  In the end I came up with this  humerous list:

"Evolution of a Trail Runner"

1. You like the outdoors and go for hikes. But you think people who run 50Km+ are CRAZY.
2. You want to cover more ground, so you run a bit.
3. You go in a few races and actually enjoy it. You feel like a kid again.
4. You start signing up for longer and longer races.
5. You develop a subconcious  6th sense for foot placement on gnarly trails.
6. What used to be a 'hill' is now only an 'incline'
7. You start seeking out trails with more HILLS
8. You research ways to run longer without bonking or cramping.
9. You even look up trails to run while on holidays.
10.You run your first 50km race.
11. You have huge respect and admiration for those who run 50Km or more.
12. Now all your friends think you are CRAZY.


garobbins said...

HAHA pretty accurate stuff!!


Sheri said...

I only agree with number one but starting with the second sentence not the first part LOL

EricG said...

Sound like you are an ultra runner! I admire your spirit and look forward to reading about the next "crazy" adventure:) Peace

EricG said...

FYI there is a new post that shows up on my blog but it says the page cant be found when i try to get to it.