Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just me, for now....

" 13 years of Jim and Heather, still growing as we age together.
Ups and Downs,  smiles and frowns, 
we will succeed at succeed at this adventure called life"

That has been my motto and I still stand by it ! However, Jim has put his running on the sidelines to deal with other/more important things in his life at this time.  I fully respect that.

He jokes that he is training to be an " ultra-relaxer"...  LOL !!!

So now, it is just " Heather's running adventures" .  (Thus the pic of me alone).  Who knows what the future brings. People go through stages in their life and their training.  As his partner in life I will stand by him and support him in all his endeavours, just as he would do the same for me. Yes, we may annoy each other a bit along the way, but that is part of the fun. Nothing worth doing was ever easy : )




And the journey of Heather begins! Dave has never been able to run with me due to a fused ankle, but our passions have similarities. He practices his mandolin every night and plays out at shows. When he is in a rut with music, I can understand because I have been in a rut with running. When he is feeling super motivated, I know what that feels like too. Good luck to you and your hubby! It will turn out great, I'm sure.


Aww, thanks Deanna ! You got it- accept, encourage, and support each other for who you are. Wow, mandolin playing- must sound beautiful!

EricG said...

Well said Heather. Keep the passion in running and your life together. Peace EricG

EricG said...

Heather, got your comment but dont have your email. Send me one at and I will send you the hamstring problem info. Tx E