Sunday, August 28, 2011

Burke Mountain Dennett Lake

I don't know any trails on Burke mtn... but my friend Marc does!
So, he leads the adventure.

Up the gravel road we go... up, up , up.
Then we shoot off to check out some old Burke mtn cabins- many still inhabited. I can not believe people packed the wood and supplies this far up a mountain! years ago. Much respect!
  BEAR !

Then the BUSHWACKING began !.... we went over logs, thru brambles....questioning our location, but frequently reminded with flags and signs we were on track . Picture on the left was ALL that I could see for a good hour ! It got pretty boggy too.

So, this was all I could see- but my 6 ft 3' husband thankfully could see ABOVE the brambles to guide us.
I was seriously doubting my husband, and Marc, who was going on MEMORY  alone (from some odd 30 years ago! omg) but as we crested the top, and came around to beautiful Dennett lake- IT WAS ALL WORTH IT !!!!


Jim even went for a swim !! It was BEAUTIFUL!.... not a picknic spot due to the black flies, but totally worth the trip.

You would think it would be SMART to take the SAME route back! but noooooo, my husband decides to try a different way... and his friend is keen to do the same. I've been outvoted. grrr...
Well, lo and behold, the trail back was much nicer, with less bushwacking. We went past some cute lakes (including twin lakes) and thru yet more mud.  Its so fun running round the mountaintop!

Yup, apparently there used to be snow on Burke mtn, and my friend Marc, has fond memories of learning to ski at the ski- hill here. Hard to believe now. The old lodge was burnt down, and there is only a little evidence of a ski hill. As usual, there is garbage left from what I assume is 'stupid teenagers'. We popped out onto harper road and booted down the gravel road.
Views from the 'ski hill'  and sign  prooving it existed.

Marc took us down the 'elevator'  even had buttons ! loved it ! Great single track home

Thanks Marc for the wonderful adventure!
... I wish I had my GPS watch with me, but I figure we did a loop harper road to the cabins, up the southwest side of the mountain, to Dennett, then back down the much better marked trails on the north side of the mountain to harper hill again. 



EricG said...

Looks beautiful. Always love your pictures, video and commentary. Peace E

Shane Yorke said...

Hey. Ive been trying to get up to see these cabins for a few years. Never found them yet. Could you email be and maybe help with directions? Did you go up Harper Rd or Quarry Rd.


To be honest with you Shane, I could never find those cabins myself if I had to. I followed a friend who used to live there. Apparently, there have been lots of break-ins so the cabin owners would prefer to stay 'unknown'. I can say I went up Harper road and did a LOT of bushwacking. Good luck with your adventures!

Anonymous said...

You are right about the break-ins. Even painted the cabin forest green to make it harder to find. Back in the day there wasn't as much packing to do - drove stuff right up to the cabin almost, then a short skid trail into the building site. Today, over forty years later, the coastal forests have reclaimed most of those small secondary roads and trails. The ski hill was never completed because the GVRD was created, which took over matters of recreational facilities, and they decided there was already Seymour, etc, so ki-boshed Burke. Anyway, just perusing....