Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swan Falls Adventure

The gang I've been running with have been training together for a spring 50 km "Gorge Waterfalls 50 Km".  Its been a slog at times, running for 4+ hours in the rain and wind.  With several 4+ hour runs under our belts, and only a few weeks till the 50 Km, I opted for more of an "adventure run/hike" to check out some local waterfalls. The training was done, and  I felt I needed to do a FUN run to keep my enthusiasm up and get me in the mood for some waterfall running.

Here is a quick Video of the hike up to Swan Falls.  We ran about an hour out to the base of the falls, and about 45 min straight uphill, and back totallying about 3:15.  I was suprised at how trashed my legs felt after this relatively 'short' run. Yaay, thank goodness its time for the taper!

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