Saturday, July 3, 2010

1400 m up in my back Yard. White Rock Bluff Port Moody


I have lived in my area for years. Ran Buntzen, Diez vista, Lakeview, Dilly Dally,  powerlines... you name it! I never knew about this trail till recently.  I need to give thanks to the man who marked the trails  (named Stridor? on trail peak)
Today, I got to enjoy a beautiful hike/ run  to "white rock"- a bluff above the Halvor Lunden trail... with my husband! He's Baaaaack!!! and he kicked my a$$ on the way back down!
Did a great workout  of run/hike up to top of halvor lunden in about an hour.

Lovely gnarly, root laden trails!!

After the 1000 m hike/run we  took a right as the trail went toward Lindsay lake loop. We hit some great mud and treefall. Slowed down for some scrambling. We finally came out to the 'plateau'.

Jim looks so little in this scene. 'The rock"  is on the right.

Here are some pictures in the area.... apparently about 5 years ago there was a fire... which gives it the eerie feeling.  Beautiful, spiritual place.  But had to keep moving due to the bugs!!!
It Was actually kinda scary at the edge of the rock.Big drop off!! Hard to believe that just behind all those trees are the cities of Coquitlam and Port Moody!

Jim "I need food, ya got any?"
Me: " I'm always ready for shit"... So I hand him my gel.
Jim: " I'm ready for shit too... I brought toilet paper! "
Too funny!

The Stats:
1 hr 20 mins up from Anmore Grocery
50 mins down, walked 20 mins back up to Grocery
Slowed down- as we hit a 'tour group'-yikes! 30-40 people!
Elevation Gain 1300-1400 m
No Injuries. But should have brought more food.

Yessss, it was muddy. Wahooo!!

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EricG said...

Looks awesome Heather. Glad to see Jim is back. Peace EricG