Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Knee Knacker Jitters

This will now be my fourth- 50 km run.... and I still get the Jitters.  The other runs I did this year were so FUN, I should be more excited than nervous.

Why am I nervous?
a. My husband isn't doing the race, and now my back up running friend is pulling out last minute.  So I am all alone.... (except for the other 200 runners there).
It will be the first time with out friends and family along.

b.This means I have to drive! Being a bit of a country bumpkin, I hate driving 'in the city'. I'll run the 50Km in the mountains, but dread the drive to the race. Not to mention I will have to leave home at 3:30 am race day!

d. I do not know the North Shore trails at all.  I even get the mountains mixed up- Seymour?cypress? Capilano? same thing right?

e. I'm still a little leary about some 'hardware' in my Tibia from an old fracture. It starts complaining at about 5 hrs... this run will be about 7 hrs.  But if most of it is soft trail , I should be OK.  Then Jim tells me he is irritated cuz  "you never have a bad race, you never dnf'"-Psyche! hope my luck holds up!

Well, I'm DETERMINED to go.  I look forward to what the North Shore trails have to offer.
So this buttercup will suck it up.  I'll print all my googlemaps to get there, I'll study the KK site, I'll get up early, I'll do the run!
I have a feeling I will definately know the North Shore trails  much better by the end of it all and meet some new running friends along the way!!  We will see.....

I do Like how my LOVE of running has helped me overcome  other fears. Cool, added bonus!



EricG said...

Good luck Heather and have FUN again. Solo the whole way will be a new adventure for you to remember. Look forward to reading about it. Peace EricG


You'll do awesome girl!