Sunday, December 5, 2010

Love finding new trails.

BEAUTIFUL, Sunshiney day !
Long run, where to go....
Well, I found some trails on an adventure run with Jim this summer. I was excited to show them to my running friends today.  I love showing, and being shown new trails.

Depart from Anmore, some road, up past Aspenwood school, to powerline road (turnaround of DV 50 km) .We head up a trail and cross a river. Thank goodness for the ropes cuz the rocks were icy and super slippery! Hands were pulling me across, feet were doing very little.  I apologized for the ice and water, but thankfully my friends are tough and looked at it as an adventure. Off to some cool mountain bike trails, singing "deck the halls" , shot out into a pretty open trail.  We hit a road they recognized and up they went... behind the mountain, and up towards Cypress lake, up thru the snowline.  Part way up we took a single track trail down- back toward Buntzen , academy trail, and back home. A beautiful  3 hr circuit I must do again!  

And all this before noon !!
And all this in my 'back yard'
Life is good !

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That looked like great fun!