Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Palm Springs Cold Adventures

After Jims  stay at the hospital (hey, it was all inclusive), I thought I would take him down to Palm springs for a REAL holiday.  It was Short and Sweet, but  little did we know, we would hit their 'winter condition warning"

Oooh,  high of 17-18 degrees  Celcius  (low 7-9) , 30 mph winds.  They knew we were Canadian cuz we were the only ones in shorts!

So instead of whining about the cold weather, we took advantage of cool things to do in the cool desert.

Cold Weather in Palm Springs Positives:
Beautiful sunrise's
Great weather for running, hiking, and SHOPPING!
Cheap hotel that includes breakfast (that carried me till dinner). Cheap food, big portions.
Cold weather forces us to ' Howard Hughes' hole up in the hotel... and hang out in the hot tub!

Adventures and Highlights
Visit to dessert interpretation center... as dark looming clouds crept in. Cool Ironic views.

Hike up to canyon.
Palm to pines highway drive. Windyfun
Shopping at Palm Desert- too lavish for my budget!!! but really nice art shops. Saw some scary looking plastic surgery/ botox mishaps.  

GREAT  10 mile run along ARTSMITH trail;
- Desert trails,
-Beautiful views of Palm Desert below

Now thats special. I don't know when I will ever see that again!

But to get that rainbow, we had to go thru some  wicked rain and wind- can't even hear what I have to say below;

And, isn't that just life.... you  can't have rainbows without a little rain.


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