Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sucking it up at CHUCKANUT 2011

This entry is a bit late... Chuckanut was in March.  But then I was busy with 'life events'. Plus, I got a new video camera just before the race and had to figure out the software.

Hot tip: Learn how to use your new camera BEFORE using it on a race. It was probably dangerous fiddling with the buttons while running along a ridge and a technical trail. Oh well,  I lived.

Chuckanut was to be a 'training race' for my running friends in preparation for Capitol Peaks 50 mile. Unfortunately, I had a miserable cold, but I sucked it up and in the end  the misery of the cold  was offset by such a beautiful day and a wonderful race!  Funny, I drank a LOT of water, and it all seemed to fall out of my nose... by the end of the run my sinus's were clear !!

 Hope this choppy video sums it up:

I was so happy to meet up with one of my training partners at the end.  We agreed not to  have a 'race sprint' against each other to the finish line, (to save ourselves for the next race).  We pushed forward, for a nice, easy cruise across the finish line together... awwww.. Thats what friends are for :-)

And now, I have to prepare for an 80 K (50 mile).... I'm afraid, very afraid......



Jude said...

just loVED the commentary... good luck at Capitol.. your first 50mile...woohoo! You'll do awesome, you have it in you, just dont let the mental win.. ride the highs, walk through the lows.

EricG said...

Was wondering where you were. Welcome back. You will do great this weekend. Have fun. Can't wait to hear about it. E