Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers day 'ouch' 5 K

"Its tradition" my 12 yr old daughter says. "We must run the mothers day 5 K every year, even if I have to push you in a wheelchair". Well, after the marathon only a week prior, the wheelchair was looking pretty good! But if I could run 42 Kms, I'm sure I could do 5 Kms right?

The race report:
It starts, I run fast, ow! my hip, ow! my leg , ow, ow, ow, I decide to slow down...... the race ends.

I don't think it was such a good idea, and I certainly paid for it the next few days, but it was worth it to see my amazing daughter come barreling in only 3 mins behind me to do it in 25 mins! And she only runs 1 mile every second week at school. She ended up getting 2nd in the under 16 group! And, we were 3rd fastest mother/child! (other two were mom/son). I'm thinking all her figure skating has something to do with it. Ha! I don't want her to start running to early to " let her musculoskeletal system develop" , but she certainly takes a pounding with all the falls working on all her doubles. I am proud of whatever she does. Hmmm.... running is a lot cheaper than skating though! ha ha !

We spent the rest of the beautiful sunny day relaxing on our blanket on the field watching awards and prizes. She told me multiple times she loved me, and gave me a beautiful shirt that she bought with money she got for her birthday. Awww, that just made the pain all worth it. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!!!!!!

I will post pictures once I get them.


Gary Robbins said...

HAHAHA, great race report:)


Yup, about as long as the race was. But slower than my 10K split :( I guess I needed more than 7 days for a marathon recovery. Live n' learn.