Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Running friends rock!

Jim and I have ran together for years. Did more serious runs the last 3 years. I love him, he loves me but... it gets kinda boring. Especially on those 3 hr runs. The odd arguement actually adds interest to the run. Something to work on before we finish. Or sometimes a good disagreement makes me go faster- cuz I'm gonna 'show him'. My friends are now scared to run with me... and now I'm seriously behind on the gossip!

Well, lo and behold we found some great people in our area that like to run the distances we do ! I was afraid I wasn't good enough to keep up, but so far the long runs have been very enjoyable.

What crazy people would run with us? let us outsiders in ? tolerate our tacky sense of humour?...the same kind of crazy people that are doing the "Marathon de Sables" in the fall. This is one of the top 10 endurance races on the planet! ( Time magazine).It is so nice to be surrounded with people with positive attitudes- even if they did do more mileage than me this week, or maybe are carrying a heavier pack. What I am most impressed with is that they are a great TEAM. They look after one another, and each team member brings their own strengths. They are raising funds for Variety club for children. For more information visit:

We did a great 4 hour run on Sunday around Diez vista/Lakeview/Academy trail and finished with a soak in Sasamat lake. I look forward to many more runs with them!

Now, if I can only decide if/when I want to do a 50 K. I was thinking about the North Face in Bellingham June 6th, but am not sure if I am ready. It could be a good practice run/wake up call for others in the future. I have always liked to dive into the hardest thing first, then everything else seemed easy... but I may bite of more than I can chew by the looks of the 3000ft + elevation gain on this one. Still thinking.....

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