Friday, May 1, 2009

Taper week

I am not sure if I like this taper thing. First, the beautiful sunny days beckon me out for a long run every day but I'm supposed to do short ones or rest. Thankfully,I squeezed in a longish run on Sunday. 2 hrs on the trails with a great group of runners I found in my area who are training for Marathon de Sables. I can't wait to run with them again!

Second, I'm bored, which means its easy to enjoy a bottle of wine with my husband for 'entertainment'. Apparently this hinders perfomance which makes the whole damn tapering thing counterproductive!!

And finally, after increasing my training for 3 years, I finally mellow out, and I get sick!! Just a cold/flu- not of the swine type thank god. I actually had a client Monday who just flew in from Mexico city- but he got tested and it was negative. Whew! At least being ill makes me slow down a bit. With this weather I would normally be building fences, landscaping, or renovating my house.

One more day to get better and then... the BMO MARATHON! At this point, I may have to settle for just being happy to finish. It should be interesting to see how things unfold...It will be annoying if my husband finishes faster than me again.


Bob - said...

Best wishes Heather on your Marathon, which I think is today?

...You did great on your taper!!

Game time now, Look forward to ur race report!!

Gary Robbins said...

Good luck tomorrow Heather, I'll be out there on my bike in NSA gear...might see you!


Thanks for the support! The run was a blast. I do recall someone at about the 35 km mark enthusiastically cheering everyone on.