Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scotch creek Camping & Running

Token 'head shot', in front of the Adams river at the canyon.

We went camping at Scotch Creek. This is located just before Salmon arm en route from Vancouver. The purpose of the trip was to visit with my parents meeting us 1/2 way from Invermere. We also brought Jims Mom with us. It was 3 people over 70 yrs, two of us in our 40s and our poor 12 yr old.
Running in the Shushwap

Location: Adams River Run: About 13 mi starting at the Haidrig-Brown parking lot, through the fish hatchery trails then over to the Adams river Bridge (or you could just park at the bridge). Up a gravel road, then you descend onto single track trails. Very quiet trail, not many people on it so it got even a little spooky at times. Started some singing to keep those bears away.

Rating: Easy, rolling hills, beautiful scenery.Tres nice! It is one of the more beautiful long flat-ish runs I've done. There were beaches, canyons, and lotsa single track trails. Even a hand driven tram to cross the river part way up- which I would not use. About 75% of it is right beside the river. Thats Jim running off into the bushes on the right. So nice in the hot summer. The trail basically took us from Shushwap lake almost to Adams lake.

Every night ended in a fabulous feast as is a must with camping, so thank GOD, the mornings started with our long runs!

The Adams river temp was cool, as was the lake... but the actual Scotch creek was freezing! It was glacier fed! That meant GREAT icing for my ITB which flared up for no reason. I just woke up one morning and couldn't bend my knee. So I did what I would NEVER let my patients do- I did a long run... on a straight knee (lotsa cuts on my shin cuz I couldn't lift it over anything). Then for some reason, 9 miles in, it started to bend... and I felt great. Add a glacier fed river soak and I was ready to rock!

Soaking the ITB

Note: since this post , I was a 'good physio' and tended to my ITB appropriately, including:

  • Stretching ITB and TFL
  • Glut medius strengthening, core exercises
  • Addressing any pronation issues with otc orthotics- Sole inserts worked great
  • Roller/ball trigger point work on TFL and piriformis
  • Plyometrics and alignment work with centering of knee over 2nd toe . Etc.

Run Schedule: On Holidays June 28-July 5th

Sun- 13 ish trail miles
Mon- Rest
Tue- Speedwork: Circuit around Scotch creek Campground was perfectly 2.5 mi.
So we did 4 circuits= 10 mi total
Our 12 yr old dog followed at first, but he gave up on us after the 2nd trip. He slept at the campsite. ... as did our daughter.
Wed- 7 mile run + 3 mile hike with our daughter
Thurs-8 mile trail run
Fri -6 mi/ XT (bike)
Sat-8 mile trail run
Sun-23 miles back at home on the dike in the heat. I drank 3 L and STILL lost 2 lbs.

Total: Mon--> Sunday: 65 miles. A new milestone for me. ha ha, milestone

Damn, I love running on holidays. Its so much easier when you don't have to work!