Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swan Falls loop


Views of Coq lake, Fraser Valley, North Van, Inlet on a Sunny day
Still Beautiful on an overcast day.
Altitude- about 1100 meters
Distance- to/fro pkg lot 20 kms
Time to hike- 7-9 hrs
Time to run/hike- 4 1/2 hrs

Difficulty- I guess it is rated as difficult. Some scrambling with hands and feet involved. Much is unrunnable, keep a keen eye for markers. Some ropes.

Trails are much better marked than years ago!!But bring a map/gps. Link for map below:

I have been meaning to do this hike again for a long time, but I just don't have the 7-9 hrs its supposed to take so I thought we should try run/hiking, rucking ! Sounds like something else doesn't it?
We did it the day after a big rainstorm. Bonus- nice and cool on the trails. Negatives- The views were 'socked in' and there was a huge hatching of insects. Had to run to keep them out of our nose/ears/eyes!

For some reason I timed things for my own record (maybe as a goal to beat for the future). If you are not from the area, ignore this section.
To polytrichen lookout 44 mins; To top of mountain/meadows- 68 min ;To Lindsay lake 1:45; To Mount beautiful 2:45 ;Back down 4 hrs.... Then took our time back to the parking lot. about 4:35 total . 5 hrs home to home.

Misty, wet morning +sun = nice pic

Jim hiking by Chickadee lake up on the mountain


Yeah, and me pretending I'm 'tough'. I'm ok with self delusion.

'the thinker'- aka Jim... who probably isn't thinking about a lot except what to eat next.

I just like this picture. Trees, rock, sky, and one muddy trail running leg. My next pair of Montrail Streaks still on order so I had to wear road runners- Can u say slippin and slidin! I can't wait for my trail runners/ billygoat shoes!

Fun Descent in the fog. Diddn't even stop at the waterfalls for our usual soak.

Very nice to see our progress with this trail running thing. We did this hike 5 yrs ago and it took 9 hrs and 3 days to recover! This was 4.5-5 hrs, with recovery by the afternoon (and drinks by this eve). I love sundays.

Downside: its only 20 kms. Need to do this twice plus another 10 k for our first 50 K at manning.
Am I afraid? YES!! But damn, its exciting!!!

60 + miles the last 2 weeks (mostly trails)...Jims feet breaking down a bit -expected if youre 200lb, 6 ft 3".

75 miles planned the next two weeks.. then taper. pfft, I'm just following some 'hal higdon' plan for a 50 mile. Prefer to overprepare and finish.


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