Thursday, July 30, 2009

Second Guessing myself

Jim and I have been doing great so far this year with this endurance training thing. Our first marathon at 3:34, and logging 50-60 mile weeks of mostly trail with 4.5 hr sunday runs/ 5 hr run/hikes.

But now, we're breaking down a bit. Jims feet, my knee ( I figure ITB). From a physio point of view, I know its the SAME problem... just moving around. My weak hip resulting in a tight ITB with following patellar tracking probs. Jims tight achilles, resulting in plantar fascia pain. We should stop... but we don't cuz our first 50 K is comming up in Sept. And yeah, its addictive.

Some of my ultra running friends think we are overtraining. I don't know. 60 mi/week isn't that much in this scene. The info on the web ranges between 40 mi weeks or 100 mi weeks. There isn't much out there. I've been following a 'hal higdon plan' for a 50 mile... but now I'm told overpreparing may result in injury. We certainly take days off when we're sore. I have skipped a running day for cross training on the bike/gym.

Of course I want to 'finish the 50K' , but I plan to do it in a 'respectable time'. Maybe I should lower my expectations??? I'm thinking this is normal to second guess yourself before a run... just like I second guess myself before an exam.



Bob - said...

I highly recommend the TRIGGER POINT WORK BOOK from Amazon for under $15...BEST BOOK in MY RUNNING Library

Jim's achilles and plantar issues are from some trigger points in the lower legs -- calves etc.. I had a sore achilles and when I checked the workbook to see what was up, it was a knot/trigger point DEEP in the middle of my calve...

REST is good but like u said 60 miles is not too crazy BUT you have to find the trigger points/ knots and work them out during the week...

I had a sore knee this am and it was totally from knots in my quads pulling on my knee, worked it out and had a great 7 mile run this afternoon.

U guys are doing awesome just need some TOOLS to keep those engines reving - LOL

See this post here

Hope this helps, KEEP MOVING!

Sheri said...

well, I personally think you are crazy!