Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chai carbopro recipe

I am not a fan of lotsa goop out there. I like real food-potatoes, date bars etc- but over xmas I fell in love with the gingerbread "gu". I went to get some more- but it is only seasonal!!
So, first hand , I really like Carbopro- no aftertaste, no digestive probs - great stuff!
I got creative;

4 oz gel container- fill with water, pour water into small pot (plus a bit more for evaporation)
Add sprinkle of cinnamon/nutmeg,/alspice ( or just a  wine mulling spice mix)
Add ginger- preferably  2 slices of FRESH ginger. If not available, sprinkle of dried.

Simmer, cool,  Add your 2-3 scoops of  'CARBOPRO" (take ginger slices out)

Voila'  I'm sucking back some lovely 'chai tea' festive flavoured carbopro- for only a fraction of the cost of the gu/powerbar gel . Plus- I hear the ginger is apparently great for settling the stomach!

As for sugar, I added a tsp. I was told to use 'agave nectar' to avoid the sugar spike.  I don't think 1 tsp makes a difference to me.

Adding spice to our life!

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Gary Robbins said...

HAHA, nice work, now package it and we'll sell it at NSA!!