Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowshoeing up Seymour Mountain

I can never say this enough; "I love my new ACTIVE group of friends I hooked up with last year".  I still have my old party friends, but its so much more interesting to visit while participating in an adventure!!!
This one was snowshoeing- organized by Marc Bremner.

The uphill was Definately a GREAT workout

It was very 'mystical' at the top

Half way up we stopped to take in the view

The Gang is all here!

Fun run down- Yes, I can run in snowshoes, now I know!

The cool thing about being in shape is that we can go that bit farther... away from the overused, public trails...and up to where it is PRISTINE! LOVE IT!

Till my next adventure,

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EricG said...

WOW! I love reading your adventures and the photos are great. Happy New Year. Peace